Town of Barnstable, MA
Barnstable County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Anyone who seeks endorsement that a plan does not require approval under the Subdivision Control Law shall submit the following to the Planning Board office:
The original drawing, at a scale of one inch equals 20 feet or other suitable scale acceptable to the Board, and eight prints.
Title block containing Fire District and location, the owner(s) and applicant(s) name(s), date, scale, bar scale.
The name and address of the firm responsible for the plan; an original seal on the original plan and all full-size copies, with signature and date provided by the responsible professional, registered land surveyor. Revisions shall be clearly noted near the title block with reference number, date, description and initials of the person responsible for the revisions.
Ten copies of the overall plan at a reduced scale of one inch equals 100 feet, or other suitable scale for distribution.
A properly executed Form A and Form A Checklist, date stamped by the Town Clerk. [1]
Editor's Note: Form A and the Form A Checklist are included at the end of this chapter.
The filing fee.
A compatible electronic file of the plan shall be submitted in accordance with the file format and coordinate system specifications listed in Appendix A for accurately inputting plan information into the Town's geographic information system.
A copy of the most recently recorded deed and a copy of the most recent tax bill.
Evidence that all property taxes have been paid on each parcel shown on the plan.
If the applicant is not the owner, evidence of authorization to apply on behalf of the owner.
Evidence of right of access over a private way that provides access and frontage.
Notice of application to the Planning Board shall be filed by delivery, registered or certified mail, to the Town Clerk. The plan shall not be deemed to have been submitted until all the requirements of these regulations regarding the form, contents and procedure have been met.
The Planning Board may deny incomplete applications and/or plans that do not meet requirements of these regulations.
Plan sheets shall be 24 inches wide and 36 inches long with a three-fourths-inch border and contain the following information:
A key map at a scale of one inch equals 2,000 feet, and beneath the locus, the Assessor's map and parcel number, the zoning district, any zoning overlay district, the minimum lot size, frontage, yard and width requirements.
A North arrow.
The present owner of the land and any remaining adjoining land owned by the present owner or by the authorized applicant. The frontage of any remaining adjoining land.
The location of any existing building on the land shown on the plan, including setback and side or rear yard distances and street address.
The location and width of any street easement or way, its legal status, name (if any), the width of the traveled way and the nature of its surface. The legal status of a way shall be as determined by the Town Clerk and/or Town Engineer.
Wetlands shall be shown on any buildable lot.
The size of each lot shall be shown in square feet and acres and on lots which are to be separate building lots; lot shape factor calculations shall be shown. Lots which are created for conveyance purposes and which are not separate building lots shall be so noted on the plan.
The plan shall contain a note: "No determination as to compliance with the Zoning Ordinance requirements has been made or intended by the above endorsement."
The plan shall contain a certification clause signed by the preparer that the plan conforms to the requirements of the Registry of Deeds or the Land Court.
Except for a plan to be registered with the Land Court, the plan shall contain a three-and-one-half-inch square labeled "FOR REGISTRY USE."
The words "Barnstable Planning Board Approval under the Subdivision Control Law Not Required" and suitable space for the Planning Board's signature and date.
Property corners shall be tied into the Massachusetts Plane Coordinate System when required by the Town of Barnstable Engineering Division of the DPW.
The Board shall, within 21 days from the date of submission, at a meeting, either endorse the plan as one not requiring its approval under the Subdivision Control Law, or find that said plan requires the Board's approval as a subdivision. The Town Clerk shall be notified of the Board's decision in writing. If the Board determines that the plan requires its approval as a subdivision, the applicant shall be notified by certified mail.