City of Mount Vernon, NY
Westchester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Council of the City of Mount Vernon 11-13-1957 as Ch. 47 of the General Ordinances, approved 11-15-1957. Amendments noted where applicable.]
It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of window cleaning in the City without first having obtained therefor a license from the City Clerk as hereinafter provided.
[Amended 4-13-1989, approved 4-13-1989]
All applications for licenses shall be made by the applicant on forms to be provided by the City Clerk. Said applicant shall set forth the name, business and residence addresses of the applicant; the names and residence addresses of the officers or partners if the applicant is a corporation or partnership. Said applicant shall furnish a photograph, in triplicate form, one of which shall be filed with the Police Department, of the applicant and/or any officers or partners. Any changes in the residence addresses must be promptly reported to the City Clerk.
Every applicant for a license shall file, together with the application, fingerprints of both hands. The fingerprints shall be placed upon cards provided by the Commissioner of Public Safety and shall be taken under his/her supervision by a senior police officer, and at such a place as the Commissioner shall designate. The Commissioner of Public Safety shall have the authority to submit the fingerprints of the applicant, together with the required fees, to the Division of Criminal Justice Services or other appropriate agency for processing and investigation. No application for a window cleaning license shall be approved nor any license issued under the provisions of this chapter until after the commanding officer of the Bureau of Criminal Identification in the Department of Public Safety has reviewed and examined the criminal history record information disseminated by the Division of Criminal Justice Services. No license shall be granted to any applicant who has been convicted of any felony or any misdemeanor involving violence, dishonesty or deceit.
In the case of a firm or corporation, each member of said firm and each officer of said corporation shall be deemed an applicant, and the provisions of this chapter relating to an applicant shall apply to and be complied with by each and every member of said firm and each and every officer of said corporation.
In the event that any individual, firm or corporation engaged in the business of window cleaning causes the work to be performed by others than the individuals themselves, each and every employee shall furnish to the Commissioner of Public Safety the information hereinabove required and obtain a license as herein provided.
[Amended 12-26-1968, approved 12-27-1968]
The City Clerk shall charge and receive a license fee of $15 from each individual engaged in the business of window cleaning.
In addition to obtaining the above license and paying the fee therefor, each person engaged in the work of window cleaning and duly licensed shall obtain from the City Clerk a badge containing the words "Licensed Window Cleaner," together with the year for which he shall be licensed, which badge shall be at all times conspicuously worn and displayed by said person while engaged in window cleaning, and which badge shall be surrendered to the City Clerk in the event that said license shall be revoked or said person shall cease to be engaged in the business of window cleaning.
Before the issuance of a license by the City Clerk, he shall require satisfactory proof that the applicant or his firm is insured against any and all liability for any accident in the minimum amount of $50,000 for injury to or death of one person and the sum of $100,000 for all liability arising from any one accident. In addition, the City Clerk shall require proof that workmen's compensation insurance coverage has been obtained in those cases where it is required.
Each license issued by the City Clerk shall contain the seal of the City impressed upon at least a portion of the photograph of the licensee, and the countersignature of the Commissioner of Public Safety.
Any licensed employer hereunder requiring additional temporary help for an emergency job, upon the written approval of the Commissioner of Public Safety or the Chief Inspector of Police when authorized so to do by said Commissioner in writing, may employ same for a period not exceeding five days.
Each license issued hereunder, except temporary licenses, shall expire at 12:00 midnight on December 31 next after the date of issuance thereof.
The City Clerk shall immediately suspend or revoke any license issued hereunder, as the case may be, upon receiving such direction of the Commissioner of Public Safety so to do.