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Town of Catskill, NY
Greene County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Catskill 2-7-1995 by L.L. No. 2-1995. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Waterfront consistency review — See Ch. 155.
Zoning — See Ch. 160.
This chapter creates the Catskill Joint Waterfront Commission, to monitor activities within the coastal area boundaries of the Town of Catskill and the Village of Catskill, and to serve as a lead agency in implementing and promoting the policies of the Joint Catskill Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP).
The Joint Waterfront Commission (JWC) is jointly authorized by the Town and the Village of Catskill. The LWRP Steering Committee, a planning body, is dissolved upon formation of the Commission.
The JWC will consist of seven members, originally appointed by the Town Board and the Village Board of Trustees. Thereafter, the Commission will make recommendations to the Village and Town Boards for the replacement of members in the case of a vacancy or the end of a term. The members will elect a Chairman, subject to the approval of both the Town and Village Boards.
The term of office will be three years, with a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms, except that two of the original terms will be one year, two will be two years, and three will be three years.
The Commission membership will include at least one resident from the town outside the village and at least one resident from the village. In addition, the Commission should consist of at least one business person from the village; one with interest in or knowledge of water-dependent business or recreation; one with knowledge of historic resource protection; and one with knowledge of natural resources use and protection. Members will generally be selected based upon willingness and ability to serve and the potential to ensure that membership composition includes a broad range of interests and skills related to furthering the purposes and policies of the Catskill Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) over the long term.
The Commission shall have the power to adopt rules of procedure for the conduct of all business and activities within its jurisdiction.
The Commission's basic task will be to implement the LWRP and its policies and projects. In pursuance of this task, the Commission will:
Review and advise, when asked, proposed actions that are either directly undertaken, funded, permitted or otherwise approved by any agency, department or body of the Town or Village of Catskill. Such advice shall be in the form of a recommendation as to the consistency or inconsistency of the proposed action with the LWRP. The Commission may recommend modifications to the proposal which would make it consistent with the LWRP.
Advise the municipal governments on implementation priorities, timetables, work assignments and budgetary requirements for the program.
Consult with appropriate departments of officials of the town and village concerning the matters in Subsection A, and obtain reports from them as necessary to monitor and assure implementation of the LWRP and consistency of local actions with it.
Maintain contact with related municipal bodies, including but not limited to the Planning Board and Zoning Boards of Appeal, and concerned nongovernmental bodies, to ensure that their policies and actions further, to the maximum extent possible, the implementation of the LWRP.
Subject to the approval of the municipal governments, prepare applications for funding from state, federal or other sources to finance projects under the LWRP.
Develop and maintain contact with neighboring municipalities and with state and county agencies concerned, with a view to strengthening and developing cooperation in and common management of intergovernmental needs and opportunities, such as drainage basin management for flood and pollution control, use and protection of local and regional visual resources and other purposes.
Make an annual report to the municipal governments on programs achieved and problems encountered during the year, and recommend such actions as the Commission considers necessary for further implementation of the LWRP.
Make or prepare such reports and communications concerning the program to the New York State Department of State or other agencies of the State of New York, by or on behalf of the municipal governments of the Town and Village of Catskill, as may be appropriate or required.
Identify and pursue educational and informational needs of government bodies, community organizations, special groups and the general public.
Perform such other functions regarding the Catskill LWRP as may from time to time be deemed necessary or be assigned by the Town and Village Boards.
Members of the Commission will serve without compensation. They will be entitled to reimbursement for necessary expenditures in the performance of their work, subject to budgetary limitations.
The Commission may engage such professional and clerical help and purchase such supplies and services as are necessary for its work, subject to prior budgetary approval and procedures established by the Catskill Town and Village Boards.
The Commission will meet on a monthly basis, and at such other times as may be needed, at the call of the Chairman. It will keep and distribute minutes of its proceedings to its members, the Clerks of the town and village and to the public on request. A majority of its membership will constitute a quorum.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, no powers, duties or functions are conferred by it on the Joint Waterfront Commission other than those set forth in §§ 39-3 and 39-4 above and as set forth in the respective Local Waterfront Consistency Review Laws[1] adopted by the Town and Village Boards.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 155, Waterfront Consistency Review, for the town's regulations.