City of South Pasadena, FL
Pinellas County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Commission of the City of South Pasadena 11-28-1995 as Ord. No. 95-12]
Flood damage prevention — See Ch. 108.
Land development regulations — See Ch. 130.

§ 14-1 Definitions adopted by reference. [1]

Unless specifically otherwise noted, the definitions contained in Chapter 163 Florida Statutes, and Chapter 9J-5 Florida Administrative Code, are hereby adopted by reference for use in this Chapter 14 of the Code.
Editor's Note: Former Ch. 14, Comprehensive Plan, which was amended in its entirety by Ord. No. 95-12 was originally adopted as follows: Art. I, Adoption of Plan, 12-18-1984 by Ord. No. 84-23 as Ch. 17, Art. II, of the 1984 Code, as amended; Art. II, Citizen Participation Process, 10-18-1988 as Ord. No. 88-18, as amended.

§ 14-2 Plan adopted; copies available.

In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 163, Florida Statutes the city has adopted a comprehensive plan. Copies of the city's comprehensive plan, as amended, including the adopted Future Land Use Map, are available for inspection and are for sale in the office of the City Clerk.

§ 14-3 Local planning agency designated.

The City Commission, of the City of South Pasadena, in accordance with Florida Statute 163.3174, is designated and established as the local planning agency for the City of South Pasadena.

§ 14-4 Duties and responsibilities of local planning agency.

The local planning agency shall have responsibility for conducting the city's comprehensive planning program. Specifically, the local planning agency shall perform all duties specified in Florida Statute 163.3174(4) 1995, which include:
Preparing amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, and making recommendations regarding the adoption of amendments.
Monitoring and overseeing the effectiveness and status of the Comprehensive Plan, including the evaluation and assessment reports required pursuant to Florida Statute 163.3191(1995).
Reviewing proposed land development regulations and amendments to land development regulations for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.
Encouraging public participation in the comprehensive planning program by affording the public the opportunity to comment on comprehensive plan amendments, land development regulations and the evaluation and assessment reports of the city.
Performing any other functions assigned to local planning agencies by general or special law.

§ 14-5 Citizen participation.

It is the intent of this section to meet the requirements of Florida Statute 163.3181(1995) by providing the public an opportunity to participate in the comprehensive planning process. The following provisions regarding the public's right to participate shall be observed by the local planning agency when amendments to the comprehensive plan are being considered or land development regulations are being created or amended. In addition, this procedure will be applicable to the adoption of evaluation and assessment reports, required pursuant to Florida Statute 163.3191 (1995).
Prior to the adoption of any recommendation, the local planning agency shall hold a public hearing. This hearing shall be advertised in a newspaper of general paid circulation, which is of general interest and readership in South Pasadena. This advertisement may be combined with notice of City Commission meetings dealing with the same subject matter.
Copies of matters to be considered by the local planning agency, at public hearings, shall be available in the office of the City Clerk seven (7) days prior to the scheduled public hearing.
Anyone having a question(s) regarding the proposal, may submit the question(s), in writing, to the office of the Clerk. Questions submitted twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled hearing will be answered by city staff at the public hearing.
Written comments regarding the proposal may be submitted prior to or at the public hearing.
Participation at the public hearings is encouraged and shall follow the guidelines established in § 14-6E of this chapter.

§ 14-6 Guidelines for meetings of local planning agency.

There shall be no requirement that the City Commission conduct separate meetings for the purpose of carrying out their duties as the local planning agency. At the Commission's agenda meeting, the Commission shall specifically designate, on the agenda, those items on which the City Commission will be sitting as the local planning agency. In addition, the agenda shall reflect whether the matter being considered is legislative or quasi-judicial.
The Mayor shall serve as the Chairman of the local planning agency.
All required public hearings, held by the local planning agency shall be conducted after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Workshop meetings may be scheduled at other times.
No required public hearing before the local planning agency may begin after 10:30 p.m. In the event a public hearing of the local planning agency is not initiated before 10:30 p.m., the public hearing will be continued to a time certain, which conforms with the requirements of Section 14-6 C of this chapter.
The sequence of activities and the rules for participation at public hearings shall depend upon whether the matter before the local planning agency is legislative or quasi-judicial. Public hearings on comprehensive plan amendments which are considered quasi-judicial will be conducted in accordance with the procedures set forth in Resolution No. 95-28.[1] Public hearings of the local planning agency, on legislative matters, shall be conducted in accordance with the following:
Staff shall give a presentation on what the proposal involves and will answer previously submitted written questions.
Following the staff presentation, the public shall have an opportunity to comment. Each individual shall have ten (10) minutes to address the local planning agency. Members of the Planning Agency may ask questions of any speaker. The time necessary for answering questions shall not be counted against the speaker's time limit.
At the conclusion of the public comment, members of the local planning agency will have an opportunity to respond to the public comments.
Prior to making any recommendation, the local planning agency shall approve a motion affirming that adequate information has been presented, and the public has been afforded a meaningful opportunity to participate.
If the local planning agency determines that more information is needed, or a greater opportunity for discussion is desirable, the public hearing shall be continued to a date certain. The local planning agency may set a date(s) for public workshops. These workshops shall be informal and shall provide additional opportunity for discussion. The local planning agency may direct staff to hold informational meetings, conduct surveys or to take any other steps intended to result in greater public participation.
Editor's Note: Resolution No. 95-28 is on file in the office of the City Clerk and may be examined there during regular office hours.