Town of Farmington, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Farmington 4-24-1984 by Ord. No. 32. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Signs — See Ch. 159.
Vehicles and traffic — See Ch. 182.
Zoning regulations — See Ch. 197.
It is the purpose of this chapter to provide standards and controls for the layout and maintenance of parking lots so as to ensure the safe movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, protect abutting properties from potential nuisances arising from parking lots and generally promote the public health, safety and welfare.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any vehicle which is self-propelled.
Any real estate, whether a lot, parcel, yard or enclosure, used in whole or in part for the storing or parking of motor vehicles, where the available space for such parking, including driveways, exceeds 10 parking spaces and where any exit or entrance leads on to or off of any Town or state highway or street; provided, however, that parking areas incidental to any one- or two-family residence used solely for residential purposes, with no business or commercial use incidental thereto, shall not be deemed to be a parking lot.
An individual, firm, partnership or corporation.
No person shall maintain a parking lot after the effective date of this chapter without first having obtained from the Town Manager a permit to operate such lot. Such permit shall be issued by the Town Manager only upon compliance with the provisions of this chapter and shall be of indefinite duration; provided, however, that it may be revoked at any time by the Town Manager for failure of the person owning or maintaining such lot to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter.
In cases where the Zoning Regulations of the Town of Farmington[1] require Town Plan and Zoning Commission approval of the layout of a parking lot, a separate permit application under this chapter shall not be required. Approval of plans by the Commission shall constitute compliance with this chapter, and a permit shall be issued under the terms of this chapter at the time a certificate of occupancy is issued.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 197, Zoning Regulations.
[Amended 7-28-1992]
No person shall construct or maintain a parking lot after the effective date of this chapter, and no permit to excavate within a highway or street shall be granted unless such person has filed with the Town Clerk a site plan of the proposed parking lot, approved and signed by the Town Engineer of the Town of Farmington. Additionally, each lot shall contain a landscaped area as required by the Zoning Regulations of the Town of Farmington.
Areas reserved for parking as shown on the site plan required above shall be separated from abutting properties and public highways and sidewalks through either areas of landscaping, curbing or other substantial barriers. Barriers, curbing and landscaped areas shall be so designed as to ensure that no portion of any vehicles parked on the lot shall extend over the property lines.
All parking lots shall have an adequately drained, smooth and durable surface. Additionally, each lot shall, as required by the Zoning Regulations of the Town of Farmington, contain at least 10% landscaped area.
Any lighting used to illuminate any off-street parking shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from any adjoining property.
[Amended 7-28-1992]
The layout and design of a parking lot shall be subject to the review and approval of the Town Manager upon recommendation of the Town Engineer.
Signs identifying the parking lot and/or the location of entrances and exits may be required if the Town Manager deems that necessary. In making such determination the Town Manager shall be guided by:
The volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the vicinity.
The nature of surrounding property uses.
The proposed hours of operation of such parking lot.
The shape and size of such parking lot.
The visibility into and from such parking lot.
The number and purpose of nearby driveways.
Control signs and devices may also be required by the Town Manager where appropriate. Traffic control signs may consist of either detached signs or markings on the pavement. Traffic control devices may include both lane markings, one-way markings, posted speed limits, no-through-traffic signs, curbing and speed bumps.
[Amended 7-28-1992]
Parking lots shall not be used as a shortcut or to avoid a traffic control sign or signal. Persons who violate this section shall be issued a parking violation now utilized by the Farmington Police Department.
[Amended 7-28-1992]
Owners of parking lots which are in existence or for which plans have been approved as of the date of adoption of this chapter and for which compliance with §§ 140-5 and 140-6 of this chapter would constitute unreasonable hardship or expense when compared to the resulting benefit to the property may apply to the Town Manager to be exempted from said sections. In reaching a decision on such applications, the Town Manager shall consider the cost of improvements as compared to the resulting increase in the value of the property and the improvement of the aesthetic qualities of the property.