Township of Washington, NJ
Gloucester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 3-12-2003 by Ord. No. 4-2003]
All subdivision plats and other applications shall be approved by the Planning Board and/or Zoning Board of Adjustment by resolution as a condition for the filing of such plats with the county recording officer. Applicants shall comply with any other applicable provision pertaining to land development regulations as set forth in other ordinance of the Township.
If, before final subdivision approval has been granted, any person transfers or sells or agrees to transfer or sell, except pursuant to an agreement expressly conditioned on final subdivision approval, as owner or agent, any land which forms a part of a subdivision for which Township approval is required by ordinance pursuant to this chapter, such person shall be subject to a penalty not to exceed $1,000, and each lot disposition so made may be deemed a separate violation.
Should construction, building, excavation, clearing or use of structure or property take place that is not in accordance with the approvals granted by the reviewing authority and required by any developmental requirements, or without fulfillment or compliance with the conditions imposed by such approvals, such deviation shall be considered a violation. If, within 95 days of notification and demand by the Township, the applicant has failed to pay the fees and escrows required or the applicant has failed to pay the inspection fees assessed pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-53(h), a violation shall be deemed to have occurred.
Any administrative violation of any development requirements, including nonpayment of fees, escrows, inspection fees or other costs, may be enforced by the administrative officer of the Township by instituting a proceeding in the Municipal Court alleging a violation of such requirements.
All standard details and construction drawings now being used or that may be hereafter modified or created are declared to be a part of this chapter and shall be on file in the office of the Township Clerk and available for inspection.