Town of Westerly, RI
Washington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Westerly as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted 8-13-1991 by Ch. No. 983 as §§ 2-136 through 2-146 of the 1991 Code (as amended through Ch. No. 1327)]
There is hereby adopted in accordance with Section 2-1-9, Subsection (j), of the Charter a position classification and compensation plan as hereinafter provided, and employees and officers of the Town shall be compensated in accordance therewith.
It is hereby declared personnel policy of the Town that:
Employment in the Town government shall be based on merit and fitness, free of personal and political consideration.
Just and equitable incentives and conditions of employment shall be established and maintained to promote efficiency and economy in the operation of the Town government.
Positions having similar duties and responsibilities shall be classified and compensated on a uniform basis.
Appointments, promotions and other actions requiring the application of the merit principle shall be based on systematic tests and evaluation.
High morale shall be maintained by fair administration of this article and by every consideration of the rights and interests of employees consistent with the best interests of the public and the Town.
The tenure of employees covered by this article shall be subject to good behavior, the satisfactory performance of work, necessity for the performance of the work, and the availability of funds.
Beginning with the 1979-1980 budget year, an annual review of the classification and compensation plans shall be made by the Town Council as part of the annual budget process. The Town Manager shall submit with the proposed budget a listing of all approved positions with recommendations for additions or deletions and recommendations for the authorization of positions for the budget year. All recommendations shall be made in the form of a proposed amendment to this article.
The Town Manager shall develop uniform personnel rules for the classified service. Such rules shall be adopted by the Town Council and administered by the Town Manager or a designated Personnel Officer. Uniform personnel rules shall supersede all previously adopted personnel rules and regulations.
All offices and positions of the Town are divided into the classified service and the exempt service.
The exempt service shall include the following:
All elected officials and members of boards and commissions.
Other direct appointees of the Town Council.
Sealer of Weights and Measures.
Employees of the School Committee.
Volunteer personnel and personnel appointed to serve without pay.
Consultants and counsel rendering temporary professional services.
Such other positions involving seasonal or part-time employment as may be specifically placed in the exempt service by the personnel rules.
Those hired under federal funds, i.e., CETA, PWEA, community development.
The classified service shall include all other positions in the Town service that are not specifically placed in the exempt service and shall consist of the approved positions shown in § 41-9. Description of a position as "approved" shall not constitute authority to fill the position. Authorization to fill any approved position shall be granted only by the Town Council as described in § 41-9.
Each approved position in the classified service is hereby assigned:
[Amended 12-9-2002 by Ch. No. 1430; 5-12-2003 by Ch. No. 1430; 2-14-2005 by Ch. No. 1525; 1-23-2014 by Ch. No. 1880; 10-2-2017 by Ch. No. 1902; 7-9-2018 by Ch. No. 1924]
Personnel Classification Plan
Positions Included
Accounting Specialist
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Administrative Assistant
Animal Caretaker
Animal Shelter Coordinator
Assessment Assistant
Assistant Building Official
Assistant Director of Public Works
Assistant Town Engineer
Assistant Town Planner
Building Official
Chief of Police
Deputy Town Clerk
Director of Animal Shelter
Director of Development Services
Director of Finance
Director of Human Resources
Director of Information Technology
Director of Public Safety
Director of Public Works
Director of Recreation
Engineer Associate
Executive Assistant
Field Appraiser
Finance Assistant
Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources Specialist
Information Technology Systems Administrator
Information Technology Technician I
Information Technology Technician II
Manager of Buildings and Grounds
Manager of Construction and Utilities
Manager of Highways and Drainage
Manager of Meters and Utility Office
Manager of Sanitation
Manager of Tanks and Pump Stations
Property Maintenance Code Official
Municipal Court Clerk
Payroll Assistant
Planning Associate
Police Captain
Police Lieutenant
Project Technician
Purchasing Agent/Risk Manager
Senior Accountant
Senior Administrative Assistant
Senior Field Appraiser
Senior Payroll and HRIS Specialist
Systems Administrator
Tax Collector
Town Assessor
Town Clerk
Town Engineer
Town Manager
Town Planner
Utilities Engineer
Zoning Official
Account Clerk II
Account Clerk III
Animal Control Officer
Assistant Animal Control Officer
Clerk/Dispatcher II
Crew Leader
Crew Leader I
Crew Leader II
Detective Sergeant
Heavy Equipment Operator
Light Equipment Operator
Maintenance Specialist
Mechanic Welder
Office Assistant
Parts Specialist
Patrol Officer
Police Academy Recruit
Police Sergeant
Senior Mechanic
Skilled Laborer
Tractor/Trailer Driver
Water Plant Operator
The Chief of Police may voluntarily participate in the police pension fund of the Town for the purpose of receiving a retirement pension as hereinafter provided.
The Chief of Police shall not be eligible to receive any retirement pension upon leaving said position unless the following conditions have been met:
He must have participated in the contributions to the fund for a period of more than 10 years. Contributions to the fund during years as a member of the permanent police force of the Town other than as Chief of Police shall be included for this purpose.
He must have participated in contributions to said fund while Chief of Police of the Town.
Where the Chief of Police has previously contributed to said fund as a member of the permanent police force, any claim to a retirement pension hereunder shall be in lieu of any right to any retirement pension from the Town or such funds as a previous member of the permanent police force other than as Chief of Police.
The Chief of Police shall be entitled to receive as a retirement pension, subject to the qualifications of § 41-6, the following: an annual pension equivalent to 2% for each full year's service, including the time spent as a member of the permanent police force in any other capacity with a maximum of 50% of his last annual salary payable in equal monthly installments.
Every person who shall have served as a member of the Town Council for a period of 10 years and has attained the age of 60, or who has served for a period of 20 years shall be entitled to receive upon retirement from the Town Council, and not being otherwise regularly employed by the Town, a service retirement allowance equivalent to 50% of the salary received at the time of retirement by the Councilor; however, not less than a sum of $200 for each year served; provided further that if such person so retires after a period of service greater than 10 years, he shall be entitled to receive an additional service retirement allowance equivalent to 5% of the salary received at the time of retirement for each whole year of service in excess often 10 years up to a maximum additional allowance equivalent to 50% of said salary so received. Service in excess of six months in any one year shall constitute one full retirement credit year. Every person so qualified under this section may purchase up to four years of armed service credits in accordance with the provisions of RIGL 36-9-31.
Any Councilor who shall quality under the provisions of this section shall be responsible for the contribution of 100% of the costs of participation in this plan.
The purpose of this section is to give effect to RIGL 45-21-17.1.
Seasonal and part time. Seasonal and part-time exempt employees shall be compensated at the equivalent classified service rates.
Approving fringe benefits and wages to administrative employees not covered by bargaining agreements. All administrative employees of the Town shall be entitled to and shall be authorized to receive wage increases as approved by the Town Council from time to time by wage ordinance and shall be entitled to and shall be authorized to receive special or fringe benefits pursuant to the administrative employees handbook; provided, further, however, that for the exempt Police Department employees, all benefit issues as defined in the police union contract shall apply, except in the areas of overtime or extra-duty pay.
Collective bargaining. All employees, except the Town Manager, department heads and nonunion employees are covered under collective bargaining agreements which are not printed herein but are on file in the Town Clerk's office.
Classified service. The compensation plan for classified service positions is not printed herein but a schedule of such plan is on file in the Town Clerk's office.
Exempt service. The compensation plan for the exempt service is not printed herein but a schedule of such plan is on file in the Town Clerk's office.
Police Reserves and Constables.
[Added 5-27-2003 by Ch. No. 1447]
Police Reserves and Constables shall be compensated at a rate of pay consistent with the Personnel Ordinance for all work performed for Town functions for the Town of Westerly except School Department details.
For all other work, including School Department details, Constables shall be compensated at a rate of pay consistent with the rate paid regular members of the Police Department as reflected in the collective bargaining agreement between I.B.P.O. #503 and the Town of Westerly.
Formal, written evaluations shall be completed for all administrative employees on an annual basis.
Evaluations are to be completed by the employee's direct supervisor.
Evaluations are to be completed on forms prepared and in a manner approved by the Town Manager.
All completed evaluations are to be approved by the Town Manager.
Employees eligible for merit raises shall be permanent, full-time administrative employees employed in their present position for no less than six complete months. Employees in a nonpay status are ineligible for an increase.
Eligible employees may receive annual merit raises equal to one step on the pay plan.
Merit raises shall be on the basis of the written evaluation process and available appropriations.
All merit raises shall be approved by and be effective on a date determined by the Town Manager.
All merit raises shall be subject to sufficient Town appropriation.[1]
Editor's Note: Former Art. II, Classification and Salary Schedule, adopted 8-13-1991 by Ch. No. 983 as § 2-4 of the 1991 Code (as amended through Ch. No. 1030), which immediately followed this subsection, was repealed 1-30-2012 by Ch. No. 1763.