Village of Naples, NY
Ontario County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 5-17-2000 by L.L. No. 1-2000]
Off-street parking requirements for new parking lot installations, expansions, conversions to multifamily/bed-and-breakfast and reconstructed parking lots shall include all of the following requirements as stated below. Such parking space shall be at least 200 square feet.
[Amended 5-16-2007 by L.L. No. 3-2007]
Minimum Required Parking Spaces
Studio apartment
1 for each unit
Single- and two-family residences
2 for each dwelling unit
Senior citizen
1.25 for each dwelling unit
Multiple dwelling units, apartment houses, townhouses
2 for each dwelling unit
Motels, hotels
1 for each sleeping room
Retail uses
1 for each 200 square feet of retail floor space (exclusive of storage, office, rest rooms, maintenance/mechanical spaces)
Retail - furniture or hardware store
1 for each 500 square feet of retail space
Office - medical or dental
5 per doctor in the practice plus 1 per employee
Office - other professional
1 for each 200 square feet of office space
1 for each 25 square feet of floor space
Churches, schools (public or semipublic), theaters, and other places of assembly
1 for each 4 seats at maximum capacity
Industrial or manufacturing
1 for each 600 square feet of gross floor area
1 for each employee
Funeral homes
10 per viewing room
Institutions, hospitals, nursing homes
1 for each 2 patients or residents
1 for every sleeping room
On-site requirements may be waived by the Planning Board up to 100% of the spaces required, provided that identical space is provided in a permanent and accessible manner by the applicant within 300 feet of the use or within 1,000 feet of any municipal parking lot.
Zoning setback for residential parking and driveway shall be zero feet.
Zoning setback for commercial parking and driveway shall be 10 feet when adjacent to a residential district.
In all districts, exclusive of driveways, parking areas for one or more vehicles shall be restricted to the side and/or rear of any building in order to preserve the green area and integrity of our Village.
Design requirements.
Off-street parking space shall not be less than 10 feet in width and 20 feet in depth, equaling 200 square feet, exclusive of accessways and driveways.
Off-street parking areas for nonresidential uses shall provide an additional area of 100 square feet of area per each off-street parking space to provide sufficient area for access drives and aisles.
Off-street parking areas with a capacity for more than 20 vehicles shall delineate fire lanes and post "No Parking" markers for the fire lanes.
All parking areas, passageways and driveways shall be adequately drained and surfaced with a dustless, durable, all-weather surface, subject to approval of the Planning Board.
Each off-street space shall be so designed, maintained and regulated that no parking or maneuvering incidental to parking shall be on any public street, walk or alley.
The collective provision of off-street parking areas by two or more buildings or uses located on adjacent lots may be approved by the Planning Board, provided that the total of such facilities shall not be less than the sum required of the various buildings or uses computed separately.
No more than two driveways, of not less than 20 feet nor more than 30 feet in width, shall be used as a means of ingress and egress for each nonresidential use, except where the deviation in the number of or width of such driveways may be deemed necessary by the Planning Board because of traffic safety conditions.
Screening and landscaping.
Off-street parking areas for more than five vehicles shall be effectively screened on the sides that the Planning Board shall determine for the safety and protection of the neighbors. Screening may be by fence of acceptable design, unpierced masonry wall, landscaped berm or compact evergreen hedge. Such fence or hedge shall not be less than six feet in height and shall be maintained in good condition.
When a parking area for five or more vehicles is within or abuts a residential district, a planted buffer area shall be provided in addition to the fence or wall specified in Subsection G(1) above. Landscaping utilized to provide this buffer shall not be less than two feet in height at the time of planting and spaced not more than three feet apart. The planted buffer area shall not be less than 10 feet in depth.
All off-street parking areas and appurtenant passageways and driveways shall be illuminated adequately during the hours between sunset and sunrise when the use is in operation.
Any lights used to illuminate an off-street parking area shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from all adjoining property.