Township of Egg Harbor, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 4-28-2004 by Ord. No. 20-2004; 7-20-2011 by Ord. No. 25-2011]
Certain words and phrases are used in this article which, for the purpose hereof, are defined as follows:
A paper bag which is designed and manufactured to decompose by a natural biological process.
Aluminum, bi-metal, steel food and beverage containers and aerosol cans washed out and free from food residue.
All products made from silica or sand, soda ash and limestone, the product transparent or translucent and being used for packaging or bottling of various matter and all other materials commonly known as "glass."
Any type of paper, magazines, catalogues, corrugated cardboard, paper grocery bags or other paper products.
A sturdy, reusable receptacle capable of supporting the loads therein.
Plastic products or bottles and containers labeled Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
Plant materials generated as the result of incidental residential lawn, tree, shrub, living ornamental plants and garden maintenance.
[Amended 7-20-2011 by Ord. No. 25-2011; 3-4-2015 by Ord. No. 6-2015]
There is hereby established a program for mandatory recycling from the solid waste flow within the Township of Egg Harbor for the following items:
Consumer electronics.
Vegetative waste.
Auto/truck bodies.
CFC refrigerants.
Fluorescent bulbs.
Oil-contaminated soil.
Oil filters.
Propane tanks.
Used motor oil.
[Amended 4-28-2004 by Ord. No. 20-2004; 7-20-2011 by Ord. No. 25-2011]
All residents shall be participants in the recycling program.
The resident shall provide reusable distinctively marked containers for recycling products, including cans, glass, plastics and paper. These products may be co-mingled in one container.
Yard refuse (vegetative waste).
All grass clippings, lawn thatching and leafy vegetative waste from lawns, flower beds, shrubs and trees shall be contained in separate, biodegradable paper bags. The biodegradable bags, when filled, shall weigh less than 50 pounds. The bags shall be placed at the curb to be collected by a separate truck on or near the resident's regular trash day. The bags shall be placed on the resident's property for ready access by collection crews and must not be placed in or near standing or runoff water or so as to inhibit stormwater drainage. The bags shall not contain any branches, trash or other nonbiodegradable material.
All leaves shall be placed in biodegradable paper bags designed and manufactured for vegetative waste recycling. The bags (weighing 50 pounds or less) shall be placed on the resident's property for ready access by collection crews and must not be placed in or near standing or runoff water or so as to inhibit stormwater drainage.
Twice each year the Public Works Department will conduct a loose leaf collection. Materials, consisting of raked leaves (no brush, branches or sticks), may be placed at the curb to be removed by vacuum-type equipment. Residents will be notified by way of signs placed in the neighborhood prior to the beginning of the pickups. During the loose leaf collection period, residents must avoid parking in the street.
Bushes, limbs, branches and small trees that are the result of incidental pruning and ornamental tree maintenance or minor storm damage, up to four inches in diameter, with the stumps or root balls removed, may be placed at the curb for collection with the cut ends facing the street. They shall be placed in one pile no larger than 10 feet wide by four feet high by eight feet long. Oversized amounts of brush and logs that are the result of large or multiple tree removal and clearing activities are the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor to dispose of. Collection will be on a monthly basis.
Large metal and nonmetal items will be collected on a monthly basis. The collection schedule is available on the Egg Harbor Township website. The following materials must be placed at the curb for collection. Items not at the curb shall be the resident's responsibility to dispose of.
Passenger-vehicle-type tires will be accepted at a rate of four per collection with an annual limit of 12 tires per household. Wheels/rims must be removed. Large commercial-type truck, tractor and equipment tires will not be collected.
Residential-type refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, water heaters, ovens and metal will be collected one per collection, on a monthly basis. Doors must be removed from refrigerators, freezers and other items which would pose an entrapment hazard. The unit or material must be placed at the curb. There is an annual limit of four items of this type per calendar year.
Scrap wood, up to one pickup truck load (four feet by three feet by eight feet), can be placed curbside for collection and will be collected on a monthly basis. A limit of six loads per household will be collected each year. The entire amount in excess of the limitations describe above of materials that are the result of extensive demolition, restorations or construction are the responsibility of the homeowner for disposal. All materials that are the result of contractor renovations, demolitions, and installations are the responsibility of the contractor to remove and dispose of or recycle as required.
Consumer electronics, aka e-waste. CPUs, monitors, keyboards, mouses, TVs, VCRs, radios and telephones will be collected separately from regular trash on a monthly basis.
Rigid plastics, such as laundry baskets, five-gallon buckets, and children's playhouses, can be recycled at the ACUA.
Carpet and padding will not be collected by the Township. Residents and carpeting installers are responsible for removal and recycling of carpet and padding. Carpet and padding can be recycled at the ACUA for a fee.
From the time of placement at the curb, all items shall become the property of the Township of Egg Harbor or its authorized agents, and it shall be a violation of this article for any person, corporation, partnership, limited partnership or other entity unauthorized by the Township of Egg Harbor to collect, pick up or cause to be collected or picked up items which have been set out at curbside for collection as recycled items. Any collection in violation hereof from one or more locations shall constitute separate and distinct offenses punishable as hereinafter provided.
The collection, removal and disposal of aluminum, glass, metal, yard and tree refuse, paper and large items shall be supervised by the Department of Public Works, which shall have the power to establish the time, method and routes of service. Special times for large item pickup shall be arranged by the homeowner, resident or occupant by telephoning the Department of Public Works for specified date and time of pickup.
All receptacles required herein shall be supplied by the owner, resident or occupant of the premises and placed prior to collection between the curb and sidewalk or adjacent to the shoulder of the road in areas without sidewalk. All receptacles shall be readily accessible to the collection. The owner, resident or occupant shall be responsible to keep all receptacles clean and in safe handling condition. Receptacles in excess of 32 gallons or 50 pounds shall not be subject to trash collection and shall be the responsibility of the owner, resident or occupant of said premises for disposal. Containers must not be allowed to collect or retain rainwater.
Glass bottles, jars, tin cans and aluminum cans shall be cleaned and free from any food residue or other materials. Cardboard shall be free of food residue.