Township of Egg Harbor, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 11-23-1999 by Ord. No. 45-1999[1]]
Editor's Note: This ordinance also provided for the renumbering of former Art. XIV as Art. XV.
There is hereby created the position of Zoning Officer. The Zoning Officer shall have the general duty and authority to administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter, except as otherwise provided by law or by this chapter. The Zoning Officer shall examine and file all applications for zoning permits; issue zoning permits for such construction and uses as are in accordance with the terms and provisions of this chapter or lawful order of the Board of Adjustment or approved Planning Board resolution; record and file all applications for zoning permits, together with the plan, documents and other papers accompanying such application; make such reports to the Construction Official with respect to his/her work and the operation of this chapter as may be required from time to time; and institute and conduct lawful proceedings to prevent threatened violations of this chapter and/or to correct conditions resulting from the violations thereof; and prosecute persons who shall have violated or who shall be engaged in violating any of the terms or provisions of this chapter.
No person hereafter shall erect, construct, locate or alter any building or portion thereof or begin or change the use of any building or land without first obtaining a zoning permit therefor from the Zoning Officer. All applications for zoning permits shall be in writing and shall be addressed to the Zoning Officer, shall be signed by the owner of record or designated agent, (i.e., New Jersey licensed architect, engineer, land surveyor or building contractor), shall be made on such forms as may be prescribed and furnished by the Township and shall contain all information called for by such forms and be accompanied by such plans as may be required, together with any additional information that may be requested by the Zoning Officer, in order to determine whether the proposed construction location, construction or alteration of a building or the proposed use or change of use of land or building will comply with the terms and provisions of this chapter or lawful order of the Planning Board of a site plan or minor site plan application or the Board of Adjustment. Zoning permits shall be granted or refused by the Zoning Officer within 20 days following the submission thereof. Applications failing to comply with the provisions of the Code shall be rejected and written notice, stating the grounds of rejection shall be given to the applicant. All applications filed, together with the accompanying plans and documents, shall be public record. Any zoning permit issued hereunder shall be subject to the fulfillment of all conditions imposed by the Board of Adjustment or the Planning Board.
Upon the completion of the proposed construction or alteration of any building authorized by the zoning permit and prior to occupancy or use, the holder of such permit shall notify the Zoning Officer of such completion. All applicants completing new construction shall submit to the Zoning Officer an as-built survey from a licensed New Jersey surveyor demonstrating compliance with approved finished floor and site grading, height limitations, front, side and rear yard setbacks and building coverage as set forth by § 225-7.1. Upon ascertaining that the construction, location or alteration referred to in the zoning permit has been done in conformity with said permit and the terms and provisions of this chapter or lawful order of the Board of Adjustment or Planning Board, he shall issue a certificate in writing that says the work has been approved as in conformity with all zoning and land subdivision and development ordinance requirements of the Township. Such certificate of conformity may be endorsed by the Zoning Officer upon the original zoning permit. No person shall use or occupy any building hereafter constructed or located on any lot or use or occupy any alteration of any building hereafter made unless and until a certificate of conformity shall have been duly issued as required by this chapter.
Prior to the completion of all work required by the zoning permit, the Zoning Officer may authorize the granting of a conditional certificate of conformity to permit use or occupancy for a period of six months under prescribed conditions. The conditions imposed therein must be satisfied and all work completed prior to the granting of a final certificate of conformity.
Any damage to curbs, sidewalks, streets or other public facilities occurring during construction authorized by a building permit shall be repaired or restored to the satisfaction of the Municipal Engineer prior to the issuance of a certificate of conformity.
The zoning permit and certificate of conformity required by this chapter are in addition to and not in lieu of any and all other permits and certificates that are or may be required by law or by any governmental agency or by virtue of any other ordinance or ordinances of the Township of Egg Harbor or otherwise.
[Amended 5-28-2008 by Ord. No. 20-2008; 5-20-2015 by Ord. No. 16-2015]
An applicant shall be required to pay the applicable fees and/or costs.
Administration fees. The following application fee shall be payable to the Zoning Officer upon application:
Zoning permit/certificate of conformity: $50.
Zoning letter of interpretation: $75. An interested party may submit a written request for a written determination from the Zoning Officer as to the zoning of a particular parcel or lot upon the payment of the stated fee.
Permit fees. The following permit fees shall be payable to the Zoning Officer upon application (per structure/building if multiple application):
Zoning permit/commercial, new buildings and/or additions and tenant fit-up to existing buildings: $100.
Zoning permit/residential, garages, new single-family dwellings and/or additions to existing single-family dwelling: $75.
Zoning permit/residential, all accessory structures, sheds and detached garages (drop off), pools, and fences: $50.
Fences (replacement): residential: $25; commercial: $75.
Zoning permit/sign permit: residential: $50, commercial pylon $75 and/or wall $50 per sign.
If construction, location, alteration or use of a building or land which is authorized by a zoning permit issued by the Zoning Officer under the provisions of § 225-88 hereof, is not substantially undertaken within 12 months of the date of issue or authorization or if there is a failure to comply within the twelve-month period with any conditions imposed, such zoning permit or authorization shall be void. Nothing herein shall preclude the renewal of such permits or authorization upon proper application, provided that any such renewal or authorization granted 18 or more months after the date of the original authorization or permit shall be subject to the use, area, parking, height and other requirements which are applicable at the time of such renewal.