City of Lowell, MA
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
All officers and employees of the City now in the employ of or hereafter to be employed by the City are hereby required as a condition of the continued employment to have their place of domicile within the commonwealth and to be bona fide residents therein, except as otherwise provided by this article. A bona fide resident, for the purpose of this section, is a person having a permanent domicile within the commonwealth and one which has not been adopted with the intention of again taking up or claiming a previous residence acquired outside of the commonwealth.
All officers and employees hereinafter employed by the City shall become bona fide residents of the commonwealth within six months from the dates of their appointment or employment by the City.
All officers and employees, once their residence in the commonwealth is established, shall be required to maintain such residence during their employment. Failure to do so shall be determined to be a voluntary termination of employment.
[Amended 1-27-2009]
All persons appointed to memberships on boards and commissions of the City shall be residents of the City, during the terms for which they are appointed except for the required physician member of the City of Lowell Board of Health so long as said physician owns, or is a member of an established practice within the City of Lowell. There shall be a preference to select a physician who is a Lowell resident whenever possible, and practicable, subject to the discretion of the City Manager.
[Amended 12-23-2008]
If any collective bargaining agreement permits its members to reside outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the collective bargaining agreement shall govern.[1]
Editor's Note: Original § 15-169, Residency requirements for new employees, added 10-6-1992 and amended 12-7-1993, which immediately followed this section, was deleted 3-8-1994.