City of Middletown, CT
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 2-8-1978 as Ch. 24, Art. I of the 1978 Code; amended in its entirety 12-2-2002]

§ 14-20 Establishment; membership; appointment; terms of office; officers.

There shall be a Commission known as the "Middletown Commission on the Arts (MCA)." The Commission shall consist of eleven members, not more than seven of whom shall be registered members of the same political party, who shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the Common Council.
In addition to the 11 members of the Commission, there shall be two ad hoc members of the Commission from the Common Council, one from each political party, which ad hoc members shall have the right to vote but shall not be counted in determining a quorum of the Commission. The Common Council members shall serve only during their terms of office as Council members; and, upon the expiration of such terms of office, vacancies shall exist which shall be filled by the Mayor with the consent of the Common Council.
Members of the Commission shall serve for a term of three years commencing July 1 of the year of appointment. Each vacancy shall be forthwith filled by the Mayor with the consent of the Common Council for the unexpired portion of the term of the member whose place shall become vacant. At its first meeting subsequent to July 1 of each year, the Commission shall elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Secretary.

§ 14-21 Purposes; duties.

The purpose of the Commission shall be to promote, stimulate and encourage interest and participation in the sharing and expression of cultural traditions within the community and in the creative, performing and visual arts among the citizens of and in the City of Middletown. The Commission shall establish such bylaws, rules and regulations as may be necessary to achieve the purposes set out herein. The Commission shall prepare a monthly arts calendar and make a semiannual report to the Mayor and the Common Council.

§ 14-22 Merger of Office of Arts and Culture into Office of the Mayor.

In accordance with Chapter V, Section 1B, and Chapter III, Section 6, of the Charter of the City of Middletown, the Office of Arts and Culture is merged into the Office of the Mayor.

§ 14-22.1 Children's arts programs; fees.

Children's arts programs shall be available to City residents on a first-come, first-served basis. Nonresidents may participate if there is space available after resident registration.
There shall be children's arts activity fees to offset the costs associated with the operating of the children's arts programs. Said fees shall be in accordance with the following schedule as set by the Common Council annually at its regular meeting in December:
[Amended 5-1-2006 by Ord. No. 10-06; 5-4-2009 by Ord. No. 16-09[1]]
Standard rate per program session:
First child: 100% of standard rate.
Second child: 60% of standard rate.
Each additional child: 40% of standard rate.
In cases of special need the standard fees may be reduced or waived as follows:
Households receiving a State of Connecticut cash benefit or which qualify for free school lunches under State of Connecticut guidelines: no cost. Parents or guardians must supply a copy of their CT Department of Social Services budget sheet (Food Stamp Financial Eligibility Sheet [FSFI] and/or Cash Assistance Financial Eligibility Sheet [CAFI]) or a copy of the Middletown Public Schools Free or Reduced Price Meal form.
Families receiving food stamps, or which qualify for reduced-rate school lunches under State of Connecticut guidelines: flat rate per household as set by the Common Council at its regular meeting in December.
[Amended 5-1-2006 by Ord. No. 10-06]
Reduced rate: families with an income level exceeding the State of Connecticut's reduced lunch rate income guidelines by $10,000 or less:
First child: 40% of standard rate.
Each additional child: 20% of standard rate.
The City will also take into consideration any special or extraordinary financial circumstances affecting an applicant's ability to pay when processing an application submitted under this section. The Middletown Commission on the Arts is authorized to reduce the rate for program participation in situations which it deems appropriate.
Nonresident rate:
[Amended 12-6-2010 by Ord. No. 87-10]
Double the first child standard rate for each child enrolled.
Editor's Note: This ordinance also provided that it shall take effect 10-1-2009.