City of Middletown, CT
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 1-3-2006 by Ord. No. 03-06]
The Juvenile Review Board shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Common Council for a term of three years, with the following phase-in: four shall serve one-year terms; three shall serve two-year terms; and the remainder of the Board shall serve three-year terms. Commencing in September 2006, the four one-year terms shall become three-year terms, and commencing in September 2007, the three two-year terms shall become three-year terms.
The Juvenile Review Board shall consist of not fewer than nine nor more than 14 members, including the following representation:
Not less than one member from the Middletown Police Department Youth Division;
Not less than one member from a faith-based organization;
Not less than two members who may consist of a school social worker and/or a school guidance counselor as appointed by the Superintendent of Schools;
Not less than one member who is the Truant Officer for the school system, as appointed by the Superintendent of Schools;
Not less than one member from the Middletown Youth Services Bureau;
Not less than one member who is a Juvenile Court representative; and
Not less than two members from local social service agencies.
Quorum for the meeting will consist of five active members.
The Juvenile Review Board has the authority, as conveyed and deemed appropriate by the Police Department, to receive and review for disposition, assessment, and treatment planning all juvenile cases. The Board shall maintain records to document the volume of juveniles that come in contact with the police, trends in types of incidence, and other information that would be helpful in planning appropriate prevention and intervention responses to support youth and their families. Referrals to the Juvenile Review Board may be made from designated personnel from the Police Department, Middletown public and/or private schools, court, and other agencies that are concerned and have authority and interests for the welfare of juveniles and their families. The Board shall keep confidential records of its proceedings, which shall be kept on file in the Youth Services Bureau. The Juvenile Review Board shall be focused on referring juvenile offenders to a network of community-based agencies that may provide, but are not limited to, such services as anger management, family counseling, substance abuse education, assessment and treatment for substance abuse, specialized services for domestic violence, community service opportunities, and collaboration with the local school system for tutoring, special education services, and truancy prevention. The process may also provide opportunities for victim input in a restorative justice model. The Board will strive to help the City's youth become productive, law-abiding citizens.