Town of Boston, NY
Erie County
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§ 97-7
Requirements for submission. 

§ 97-8
Building permit application. 

§ 97-9
Landscape plan. 

§ 97-10
Approval of site plan. 

§ 97-11
Action by Town Board. 

Following review and comment of the conceptual plan by the Planning Board, the applicant shall prepare a final site plan, bearing the certification of a registered land surveyor, engineer or architect, containing the following:


The project title, scale [no smaller than one inch equals 100 feet], North point and date.


All dimensions of the site, dimensions of all present and proposed buildings, driveways, walkways, showing all setbacks and property lines and the interior spaces of the shortest distances between all adjacent buildings.


A location map of the project as it relates to major streets and intersections.


Right-of-way widths for all streets.


Identification of all adjoining landowners, showing all buildings within 200 feet of the project site.


All existing and proposed land contours and/or spot elevations and all building elevations, including sectional views in relation to surrounding land elevations, streets, driveways and sidewalks.


The location of all existing and proposed utility lines.


All existing and proposed drainage systems, including inverts, sizes and slopes.


All existing and proposed watercourses.


The intended drainage plan to include low areas that are to be filled and drained, inverts of proposed pipes, ditches and/or swales, retention and/or detention facilities as necessary, including all design and profile data; drainage flow calculations, expected roof and sump drainage and easements for proposed or existing drainage, where necessary.


All existing main line sewer with laterals, including size and inverts.


Nonsewered areas. Provide copies of septic system plans showing approval by the Erie County Health Department.


Indication of the location of all streets, cross sections of roadbedding and an indication of the materials to be used.

Said application shall also be accompanied by a completed building permit application for all buildings proposed on the project site and application for public improvement permit where the same is required by the Town Law. All building permit applications must be accompanied by drawings and/or blueprints bearing the stamp of a licensed architect or engineer and shall conform to all state, County and Town codes and specifications. All public improvement permit applications shall be in conformance with the applicable provisions of the Town codes and specifications.

Where required by the Planning Board, the final site plan shall also be accompanied by a landscape plan certified by a licensed landscape architect, which shall contain the following information:


Property line dimensions and North point.


All existing and proposed structures, walkways and driveways, as well as physical grade characteristics, watercourses and other pertinent site data.


Identification of all on-site trees and shrubs to be retained, identification of new material to be brought to the site, including the amount of grass area to be developed.


General flow runoff, with arrows and provisions made for proper handling of concentrated runoff that may affect landscaping.


Snow storage area; the location of refuse containers and the proposed manner of screening the same; and the location of all outside lighting and signs.


The layout of off-street parking, showing access drives, sufficient parking spaces to comply with the Zoning Law,

Editor's Note: See Ch. 123, Zoning.
barricades where required, all other dimensions of parking areas, handicapped accommodations and maneuvering area.


10 copies of the final site plan shall be submitted to the Planning Board at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which said plan shall be considered.

The Town Planning Board shall recommend approval, recommend approval with modifications or recommend disapproval of such application and shall report its recommendation to the Town Board, stating its reasons based upon:


All buildings on layout and design shall be an integral part of the development have convenient access to and from adjacent uses and roadways.


Individual buildings shall be related to each other in design mass, material, place, placement and connection to provide a visually and physically integrated development.


All buildings shall be arranged so as to avoid undue exposure to concentrated loading or parking facilities wherever possible.


All buildings shall be arranged so as to be accessible to emergency vehicles.

Following the receipt of the recommendation of the Planning Board, the Town Board shall approve, approve with modifications or disapprove the final site plan.