Township of Pittsgrove, NJ
Salem County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Adequate facilities for the collection and disposal of sanitary sewage shall be provided at every mobile home park.
Each mobile home lot shall be provided with a building sewer. The building sewer shall be at least four inches in diameter and shall be equipped with a riser of the same diameter terminating sufficiently above ground at not less than a forty-five-degree angle, to permit adequate connection from the mobile home. A trap and/or vent shall not be installed on the building sewer.
The riser shall be firmly imbedded in the ground and be protected against heaving, shifting and surface water. When it is not in use, the riser shall be capped or plugged so as to render it watertight.
The sewer connection shall be provided with suitable fittings to effect watertight junctions. The connections shall be self-draining and shall be effected by durable, noncollapsible, corrosion- and weather-resistant, semirigid or rigid pipe. Such pipe shall be plastic, copper or iron of suitable diameter (at least three inches) to fit the drain outlet of the mobile home and the riser.
The park management shall maintain several spare connectors and appropriate fittings, in good repair, to be used when privately owned connectors do not meet the requirements of this regulation.
Sewer lines and appurtenances in a mobile home park shall be laid in accordance with the following requirements:
Minimum size: six inches (except building sewer).
Pipe Size
Minimum Grade
Construction. All sewer line joints, sewer connections and manholes shall be watertight.
Manholes shall be provided at the upper end of each sewer line, at intersections, at changes in grade, size or alignment and at intervals of not more than 400 feet.
Protection of water supplies.
Water mains and sewers generally shall be separated by a horizontal distance of 10 feet. If such lateral separation is not possible, the water and sewer pipes shall be in separate trenches, with the sewer at least 18 inches below the bottom of the water main or with such other separation as is approved by the Department. At crossings of sewers and water mains, the sewer shall, in general, be at least 18 inches below the bottom of the water main.
Where the requirements of Subsection E(1) cannot be met, the sewer shall be constructed of cast-iron pipe with mechanical or slip-on joints, or hot-poured lead joints, for a distance of at least 10 feet on either side of the crossing, or other suitable protection, as approved by the Department, shall be provided.
Any sewer which is within 100 feet of a well shall be of steel, reinforced concrete, cast iron or other suitable material; shall be properly protected, of completely watertight construction and shall be tested for watertightness after installation.
The plans for the proposed sewerage facilities of a mobile home park, including sewers and appurtenances and sewage treatment and disposal facilities, shall be approved by the State and local Department of Health prior to installation of said facilities.
Where sewage disposal is to be effected by subsurface means, the facilities shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of Standards for the Construction of Sewerage Facilities for Realty Improvements promulgated by the State Commissioner of Health.
Where sewage disposal is to be effected by means of a wastewater treatment plant discharging a treated effluent into the waters of this state, such wastewater treatment plant shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for the Preparation and Submission of Plans for Sewer Systems and Wastewater Treatment Plants established by the New Jersey State Department of Health.
Subsurface sewage disposal systems or a wastewater treatment plant to serve the mobile home park shall not be approved where a sanitary sewer is available within 100 feet of the boundary of the mobile home park.
Sanitary sewers shall be separate and apart from any stormwater drainage system.