Township of Mullica, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Amended 5-14-2002 by Ord. No. 5-2002]

§ 2-13 General department jurisdiction.

The Department of Administration will include those divisions of the Township government and those functions assigned to the department by the Township Committee in accordance with this chapter.

§ 2-14 Township Clerk.

Appointment and qualifications. There shall be a Clerk of the Township appointed by the Township Committee for a term of three years. Prior to the appointment, the Township Clerk shall have been qualified by training and experience to perform the duties of the office. Any appointee to the office of Township Clerk must hold a certification from the State of New Jersey as a registered municipal clerk. The appointment and qualifications referred to herein shall be in accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A:9-133 et seq.
Powers and duties of the Township Clerk. The Township Clerk shall perform the duties set forth in N.J.S.A. 40A:9-133, including the following:
Perform all of the functions required of municipal clerks by the General Election Law (Title 19 of the New Jersey Revised Statutes) and any other state law or Township ordinance and receive the fees prescribed under such law or ordinance for the use of the Township.
At the direction of the Township Committee, be present at all meetings of the Township Committee and record the minutes of such meetings.
Have and take custody of all the official books, papers and documents of the Township and preserve and keep them safely as public records.
Issue all licenses required by law or ordinance and faithfully make all reports required by law or ordinance to the Township Committee for all fees received.
Be the custodian of the Official Seal of the Township and, when authorized by resolution of the Township Committee, affix the seal to proper documents to which the Township is a party and attest to the execution of such documents, as well as to the signature of the Mayor or other proper officials on such documents.
Ensure that all ordinances and notices of the Township are properly advertised.
Maintain, compile and index ordinances and resolutions.
Assume the responsibility for all the correspondence of the Township and of the Township Committee.
Be the depository and custodian of any official surety bonds furnished by or on account of any officer or employee except his own bond (which shall be placed in the custody of the Comptroller); of all insurance policies with respect to risks insured for the benefit of the Township or to protect it from any claim, demand or liability whatsoever; and of all formal contracts for work, labor, services, supplies, equipment and materials to which the Township may be a party.
Be the depository for and have custodian of all performance bonds running to the Township as obligee or any other form of security given by any contractor, subdivision developer or other person on account of work to be done in or for the Township.
Have custody of all leases of property owned by the Township.
Report, to the Township Committee, at such time as the Committee may require, on the coverage, expiration date and premium of each surety bond and contract of insurance, the nature and terms of outstanding leases, the rent reserved by each and their respective expiration dates.
Have any other different and additional functions, powers and duties as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
Supervision of the Township Clerk. The Township Clerk shall be responsible to report to the Director of the Department of Administration.
Compensation. The compensation to be paid to the Township Clerk shall be fixed annually by the Township Committee as part of the Annual Salary Ordinance.
Deputy Township Clerk. There is created in the office of the Township Clerk the title of Deputy Township Clerk. The Township Committee may, in order to provide for continuity and to substitute for the Township Clerk in his absence, appoint another employee of the Clerk's office as the Deputy Clerk. Such designation shall be for a limited and stated time period and shall be by Township Committee resolution.

§ 2-15 Division of Law.

Township Solicitor. Within the Department of Administration there shall be a Division of Law under the supervision of the Township Solicitor. The Township Solicitor shall be appointed by the Township Committee at the annual meeting and shall serve for a term of one year or until the next annual meeting and shall be paid such fees and charges as shall be fixed by contract or ordinance. He shall be an attorney at law licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey.
Powers and duties of the Township Solicitor. The Solicitor shall have the powers and perform the duties as are required for the office of Township Solicitor by general law or ordinance of the Township of Mullica. He shall represent the Township in all judicial and administrative proceedings in which the Township or any of its officers or agents may be a party or have an interest. He shall give legal counsel and advice when required by the Township Committee and shall in general serve as the legal advisor to the Township Committee on all matters of Township business. In furtherance of these general powers and duties, but without limiting them, the Township Solicitor shall:
Draft or approve as to form and sufficiency all legal documents, contracts, deeds, ordinances and resolutions made, executed or adopted by or on behalf of the Township.
Conduct appeals from orders, decisions or judgments affecting any interest of the Township Committee when directed to do so by the Township Committee or when he in his discretion decides that it is necessary or desirable.
Subject to the approval of the Township Committee, have the power to enter into any agreement, compromise or settlement of any litigation in which the Township is involved.
Render opinions, in writing, upon any question of law presented to him by the Township Committee with respect to its official powers and duties and perform whatever duties may be necessary to provide legal counsel for the Committee in the administration of municipal affairs.
Supervise and direct the work of any additional attorneys and technical and professional assistants that the Township Committee may authorize for special or regular employment in or for the Township of Mullica.
Supervise and direct the work of the Municipal Prosecutor.
Municipal Prosecutor.
Qualifications. There shall be a Municipal Prosecutor who shall be an attorney at law of the State of New Jersey.
Duties. The Municipal Prosecutor shall participate in and prosecute all cases when necessary and practicable in the Municipal Court of the Township, including all criminal and quasi-criminal matters and all complaints by Township officials, inspectors, department heads and officers adjudicated in said Municipal Court.
Supervision of the Township Solicitor. The Township Solicitor shall be responsible to and report to the Director of the Department of Administration.

§ 2-16 Recreation facilities.

The Director of the Department of Administration shall have the responsibility and authority to oversee the recreation fields and facilities of the Township. The Director shall be responsible for the coordination of, with and providing a liaison to the Department of Public Works and volunteer organizations in the Township administering recreation programs and using Township recreation facilities.

§ 2-17 Community liaison.

[Amended 5-13-2008 by Ord. No. 8-2008]
The Director of the Department of Administration shall act as the liaison between the Township Committee and various community groups, including youth groups and the Historical Society. In this capacity, the Director will attend the meetings of such groups when possible and will share the concerns of such groups with the Township Committee. Additionally, the Director will share with such groups the activities of Township Committee which may be of interest to such groups.

§ 2-18 Liaison with Board of Education.

The Director of the Department of Administration will act as liaison between the Township Committee and the Board of Education and will keep the members of the Township Committee advised of issues affecting the administration of the schools in the Township.

§ 2-19 Recycling Coordinator.

There shall be a Recycling Coordinator appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Township Committee to supervise the Township recycling program. The Coordinator shall define the materials to be recycled and the manner in which such source of separation shall take place and coordinate all aspects of the program. The Recycling Coordinator shall insure that the program complies with the appropriate state and county law and regulations and that the program is coordinated with the county program administered through the Atlantic County Utilities Authority. The Recycling Coordinator shall report to and fall within the jurisdiction of the Department of Administration and the Committee person in charge thereof.

§ 2-20 Senior Citizen Advisory Committee.

There is established in the Township a Senior Citizen Advisory Committee consisting of five members to be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Township Committee. The Senior Citizen Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Township Committee in regard to issues affecting the senior citizens of the Township, including transportation programs, community programs and any other matters specifically affecting senior citizens. The Senior Citizen Advisory Committee shall fall within the Department of Administration.

§ 2-21 Affirmative Action Committee.

There shall be within the Department of Administration an Affirmative Action Committee comprised of nine persons appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of Township Committee for a term of three years. Of those persons first appointed after the adoption of this code, three shall be appointed for one-year terms, three shall be appointed for two-year terms and three for full three-year terms. The Affirmative Action Committee shall advise the Township on all matters relating to affirmative action in the conduct of Township business. In addition to the citizen members of this Committee, there shall be one Township Committee representative appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Township Committee for a one-year term.

§ 2-21.1 Historical Society.

[Added 5-13-2008 by Ord. No. 8-2008]
The Township of Mullica Historical Society is hereby recognized as the official agency of the Township for all matters relating to the history of Mullica Township. Said Historical Society shall have the responsibility for researching, preserving and maintaining information and memorabilia relating to the establishment, growth and development of the Township of Mullica.
The Society shall adopt its own bylaws, including the designation and election of its own officers; provided that one of the officers shall be the Official Historian of Mullica Township, who shall act as a clearinghouse and custodian of historical records of the Township of Mullica to the extent not conflicting with the statutory duties of the Municipal Clerk.