Green Lake County, WI
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Green Lake County as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted 11-18-1947 by Ord. No. 5; amended in its entirety 10-18-2005 by Ord. No. 845-05]
All powers of the County Board of Green Lake County to acquire, manage and sell delinquent tax parcels under the provisions of Ch. 75, Wis. Stats., are hereby delegated to and vested in a committee of the County Board to be titled "Committee on Tax Deeds."
The Committee on Tax Deeds shall be comprised of the Finance Committee, the County Clerk and the County Treasurer.
The members of such Committee shall receive the same per diem and mileage allowance as fixed by law for other ordinary committees of the County Board.
The Committee on Tax Deeds may authorize and expend money for an abstract on parcels of land delinquent and subject to tax deeds or descriptions of land in cases where it is difficult to determine the rightful owners in order that proper notices may be served for the purpose of acquiring a tax title on delinquent lands.
The Committee shall personally examine each tract of land before acquiring, to do a visual environmental inspection to determine if there is any reason to suspect a potential risk of incurring financial liability for the County. The Committee shall appraise each separate tract by taking into consideration the assessed value, market value, amount of delinquency and other pertinent information, as nearly as that can be determined.
[Amended 2-21-2006 by Ord. No. 852-06]
Green Lake County shall utilize 75.39, Wis. Stats., which allows the County to file a complaint against the previous owners of the property and get a court order barring the previous owners or heirs from claiming any deficiencies in the procedure of taking tax deed. This will allow a title insurance company to issue a title policy without fear of a person claiming procedural errors.
Editor’s Note: Former § 202-3, Sale to previous owner, was repealed 3-18-2014 by Ord. No. 1079-2014. This ordinance also provided for the renumbering of former § 202-3.1 as § 202-3.
[Amended 3-18-2014 by Ord. No. 1079-2014]
All delinquent tax parcels owned by the County, except such as have been set aside by the Committee for County purposes, shall be sold by the Committee in the manner following:
A schedule of such delinquent tax parcels containing a full description thereof, the appraisal value fixed upon each tract and notice of sale fixing date, time and place shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation within Green Lake County at least once each week for three successive weeks prior to the date fixed by the Committee for the sale of lands.
The Committee shall conduct the sale of such delinquent tax parcels on the date, at the time and at the place stated in such published notice and shall sell any of such lands to the highest bidder, provided that no bid less than the appraised value fixed by the Committee shall be accepted.
In the event that all of such lands shall not be sold at the time, date and place as stated in the published notice, the Committee may thereafter sell any of the remaining parcels of land at private sale without republishing for prices equaling or exceeding the appraisal value placed thereon by the Committee.
Upon repurchase of any of such delinquent tax parcels by the prior owner or his heirs, or upon purchase by any other person or persons at such public sale, or when directed to do so by the Committee pursuant to this article, the County Clerk shall forthwith prepare, execute and deliver in the name of the County a quitclaim deed conveying the title of the County to the purchaser of such lands.
The Committee may, in its discretion, procure and deliver to any purchaser of such lands a good abstract of title thereto, and the expense of procuring such abstract, together with the expense of revenue stamps and other costs incidental to such conveyance, shall be paid by the County.
[Amended 2-21-2006 by Ord. No. 852-2006]
This article shall apply to all delinquent tax parcels now owed by the County as well as land which shall be hereafter acquired by the tax deed procedure.