City of Evanston, WY
Uinta County
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The final plat must be prepared by a registered land surveyor on a sheet of approved tracing linen on Mylar with waterproof black India ink, sized in accordance with Wyoming Statutes, 1977, section 33-29-111,[1] preferably with north to the top.
Editor's Note: Wyoming Statutes § 33-29-111 was renumbered as § 33-29-139 by Laws 1987, Ch. 169, § 2, which section was then repealed by Laws 2013, Ch. 11, § 5, effective 7-1-2013.
Contents generally. The final plat shall contain the following:
The name of the subdivision (which name must be approved by the planning and zoning commission) and the location of the subdivision in a title block at the lower right-hand corner. The scale shall not be less than one hundred feet to the inch.
Accurate angular and lineal dimensions for all lines, angles and curves used to describe boundaries, streets, alleys, easements, areas to be reserved for public use and other important features.
An identification system for all lots and blocks and names of streets. Lot lines shall show dimensions in feet and hundredths. All lots shall be numbered consecutively in accordance with Wyoming Statutes, 1977, section 34-12-102.
Perimeter subdivision lines shall be accurately related by distances and bearings to established roads or street lines, one-fourth section corners, and closure shall be one foot in ten thousand feet.
True angles and distances to the nearest established street lines or official monuments, which shall be accurately described in the plat and shown by appropriate symbols.
Radii, internal angles, points and curvatures, tangent bearings and the lengths of all arcs.
The accurate location of all monuments shown by the appropriate symbol. All United States, state, county or other official bench marks, monuments or triangulation stations in or adjacent to the property shall be preserved in precise position.
Each lot corner shall be monumented with permanent markers. Description of all monuments found or set are to be shown upon the plat either by legend or separate description.
Accurate outlines and legal descriptions of any areas to be dedicated or reserved for public use, with the purpose indicated thereon, and of any area to be reserved by deed or covenant for common use of all property owners.
Where it is proposed that streets be constructed on property controlled by a public agency or utility company, approval for the location, improvement and maintenance of such streets shall be obtained from the public agency or utility company and entered on the final plat in a form approved by the City attorney.
Forms and certificates, generally. The final plat shall include the standard forms of the following:
Description of land to be included in subdivision, to be described in certificate of surveyor or certificate of owner.
Certificate of surveyor signed by a land surveyor registered under the laws of the state.
Certificate of owner in accordance with Wyoming Statutes, 1977, section 34-12-103, and including dedication to the City of streets, water system and sewer system.
Acknowledgement of certificate of surveyor and certificate of owner.
Transfer of water rights to City in form approved by the City attorney.
Certificate of approval of the City, and the county if property is outside City limits. See Wyoming Statutes, 1977, section 34-12-103.
Engineering plans. Included with the final plat shall be the final engineering plans for the following:
Streets, curbs, gutters and sidewalks.
Water system.
Sanitary sewer system.
Storm sewer system.
Street lighting.
Executed agreement concerning repairs to public facilities. Attached to the final plat shall bean executed agreement whereby the subdivider agrees to reimburse the City for the actual cost of repairs to public facilities for one year from the date of acceptance of the final plat or the completion of improvements, whichever is later. The City council, at its option, may require a surety or cash bond, a letter of credit or other collateral as guarantee of agreement.
Certification concerning improvements. No final plat of a subdivision shall be approved by the City council without receiving a statement signed by the City engineer or other authorized individual certifying that the enumerated improvements, consistent with the design standards, have been completed and that they meet the minimum requirements of all resolutions of the City, and that they comply with all applicable standards of the federal, state and county governments with respect to the standards, rules and regulations for subdivisions approved by the City council, which standards, rules and regulations are hereby incorporated in this chapter by reference.
Guarantee for completion of land improvements.
After the City council has approved the final plat, the subdivider shall be notified by the City clerk. Final approval and signature by the mayor shall be contingent upon the receipt by the City of a guarantee by the subdividers to the City for the completion of all land improvements yet remaining to be installed. The guarantee shall be in one of the following described forms:
Deposit with the City a subdivider's bond in the amount of the estimated cost of the land improvements; such bond need never exceed one and one-half times the estimated cost of the improvements remaining to be completed.
Deposit with the City cash in the amount of the estimated cost of land improvements; such amount of cash need never exceed one and one-half times the estimated cost of the improvements remaining to be completed.
Deposit with the City alien to be recorded in the county clerk's office in all property being subdivided, with the provision that partial release may be obtained when the loaning company executes with the City an agreement to withhold one and one-half times the estimated cost of the land improvements yet remaining to be installed, in escrow, until such time as all land improvements have been completed and accepted by the City. All expenses incurred in determining the amounts apportioned against such land and the cost of releasing each lot or tract shall be paid by the subdivider.
Deposit with the City other collateral equivalent to one and one-half times the estimated cost of land improvements yet remaining to be installed, such collateral to be approved by the City council.
Upon completion of the improvements, the subdivider shall call for inspection by the City engineer. Inspection shall be made within five days from the date of request. If inspection shows that City standards have been met in the completion of such improvements, the security shall be released within seven days from the time of inspection. If the security provided by the subdivider is not released, refusal to release and the reasons therefor shall be given the subdivider in writing within seven days of the time of the inspection.