Township of Franklin, NJ
Hunterdon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The standards set forth in this section shall be utilized by the Board in reviewing all site and building plans. These standards are intended to provide a frame of reference for the applicant in the development of site and building plans as well as to provide a method of review for the Board. They are not to be regarded as inflexible requirements nor are they intended to discourage creativity, invention and innovation:
Preservation of landscape. The landscape shall be preserved in its natural state insofar as practicable by minimizing tree and soil removal. If the development of the site necessitates removal of established trees, special attention is to be given to the planting and replacement of trees or other landscape treatment. Any grade changes shall be in keeping with the general appearance of neighboring developed areas.
Relation of proposed buildings to environment. Proposed structures shall be harmoniously related to the terrain and to existing buildings and thoroughfares in the vicinity that have a visual relationship to the proposed buildings. The achievement of such relationship shall include the enclosure of space in conjunction with other existing buildings or other proposed buildings and the creation of focal points with respect to avenues of approach, terrain features or other buildings.
On-site parking and circulation. With respect to vehicular and pedestrian circulation, including walkways, interior drives and parking, special attention shall be given to location and number of access points to the public streets, width of interior drives and access points, general interior circulation, separation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and arrangement of parking areas that are safe and convenient and do not detract from the design of proposed buildings and structures and the neighboring properties.
Connections to public streets. All entrance and exit driveways to a public right-of-way shall be located and designed to afford maximum safety to traffic on both public and private rights-of-way. Sight triangles, extra right-of-way and width for acceleration, deceleration or storage lanes shall be provided where appropriate.
Surface water drainage. Special attention shall be given to proper site surface drainage so that removal of surface waters will not adversely affect neighboring properties or the public storm drainage system. The provisions of Chapter 316, Surface Water Management, and Chapter 290, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control, shall be followed wherever applicable to site plans.
Utility service. Electric and telephone lines shall be underground. Any utility installations remaining above ground shall be located so as to have a harmonious relation to neighboring properties and the site. The proposed method of sanitary sewage and other waste disposal from all buildings shall be indicated.
Advertising features. The size, location, design, color, texture, lighting and materials of all permanent signs and outdoor advertising structures or features shall not detract from the design of proposed buildings and structures and the surrounding properties.
Special features. Outdoor parking and storage areas, outdoor and roof mechanical equipment, service areas, truck loading areas, utility buildings and structures and similar accessory areas and structures shall be subject to such screen plantings or other screening methods as shall reasonably be required to prevent their being incongruous with the existing or contemplated environment and the surrounding properties.
Street design. The design of streets within the project shall provide proper access for fire protection and fire-fighting equipment, trash collection, service deliveries, school buses, if applicable, and snow removal.
[Amended 10-31-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-12]
School bus pickup.
[Added 10-31-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-12]
All subdivisions shall provide a proposed safe school bus pickup and dropoff location. This location may be on or off site and shall be approved in writing by the Franklin Township school administration. The site may be changed by the school administration at a future date reflecting changes in bus or population patterns.
Major subdivisions shall provide a safe pull-off area for school bus pickup and dropoff.
On major developments requiring the construction of a new street, in addition to Subsection J(2) above, an area shall be provided for resident cars to park within the subdivision street to await the school bus and the street shall be wide enough for a U-turn at this point. A shelter, designed in keeping with the nature of the proposed subdivision, shall be provided for the protection of children awaiting the bus. This shelter may be placed within the front setback.
House alignment. All principal structures shall be aligned within the building area in such fashion that the front of one structure does not have an unconstrained view of the rear of abutting properties. In those cases where such alignment is impossible, the landscape buffer shall be installed in accordance with § 310-118.
[Added 10-31-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-12]
Garage alignment. Garage entrances shall not be visible from the public road or private lane.
[Added 10-31-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-12]
Buffering between houses. In major subdivisions where the topography between the lots results in a residential structure looking down on adjacent properties or where there is no vegetation between lots, interior light buffering in accordance with § 310-119 shall be required to alleviate the visual impact.
[Added 10-31-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-12]
The standards of review outlined in this article shall also apply to all accessory buildings, structures, freestanding signs and other site features however related to the major buildings or structures.