Township of Franklin, NJ
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Franklin as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Street ordinances — See Ch. A162.
[Adopted 2-27-1995 as Ord. No. 95-1]
The 9-1-1 emergency map prepared in coordination with the Franklin Township Tax Assessor, entitled the "Official 9-1-1 Emergency Street Number Map of the Township of Franklin" (hereinafter "Official Map"), is hereby adopted as the official street numbering map. The Official Map, along with a duplicate certified true copy, shall be maintained on file in the office of the Township Clerk and the Township Tax Assessor, respectively.[1]
Editor's Note: The names of the individuals responsible for preparation of the Official Map have been deleted from the Code since they are not general or permanent in nature.
There is hereby established a numbering system for buildings and improved lots, as well as vacant lots and future lots within the Township of Franklin, in the County of Warren, State of New Jersey, in accordance with the Official Map. Said Official Map and numbering system is further established for coordination with the new state-wide and County-wide 9-1-1 Emergency System.
It is hereby declared unlawful for any building or vacant lot to be numbered otherwise than by and with the number designated for that building or vacant lot, as shown on the Official Map. In the case of conflict as to the proper number to be assigned to any building or vacant lot, the Township Assessor's decision shall be final.
The owner of each building within the Township must, within 30 days of final passage of this chapter, procure and affix to the building, at the owner's cost and expense, the number designated for that building as depicted on the Official Map. The number shall be a minimum of three inches in height and shall be affixed to the building in a manner so as to be clearly visible from the street, provided that, where the building is of such distance that a number could not be clearly visible, the number shall be posted where the street meets the main ingress road to the property. In furtherance of this numbering system, all existing post office numbers, street numbers or other numbers intended to designate the address of the building shall be removed.
At the time of application for any construction permit for a new building within the Township, the owner of said building must obtain from the Township Tax Assessor the designated number for that building, which such number shall be in accordance with the Official Map and numbering system plan, which said number shall be used in said building permit application. The Township Assessor, upon assigning a number within the system for a new or missed building, will notify the Township Emergency Manager Coordinator of the full names of the owners and their address, using the new number, in order for the Emergency Manager Coordinator to change and keep up-to-date the master list and Official Map. No building permit shall be issued by the Township Building Inspector until the applicant for the permit has submitted proof that the designated building number has been obtained from the Municipal Tax Assessor. The final certificate of occupancy for any new building shall be withheld by the Building Inspector until the designated number for the building has been permanently affixed. The numbers shall be a minimum of three inches in height and affixed to the building in a manner so as to be clearly visible from the street.
In the event that any owner of any improved lot, residential, commercial or industrial, within the municipality has an existing mailbox for the collection and servicing of the owner's mail, said owner shall, within 30 days of adoption of this chapter, remove any existing numbers that were provided by the post office or otherwise and permanently affix to said mailbox or the post therefor, in a conspicuous manner with letters a minimum of three inches in height, the number so designated for the building or lot as depicted on the Official Map. Said provision shall apply whether or not said improved premises are located on a private road.
Said Official Map shall be brought into conformity with street names as changed and the naming of certain private roads, as established by an ordinance to be adopted by the Committee simultaneously herewith.[1]
Editor's Note: See Article II, Street Name Changes.
This chapter shall be enforced by the Township Zoning Officer. Any owner who fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter may be issued a summons and complaint and, upon conviction, be punished by a fine up to but not exceeding $1,000 for each offense and be required to perform community service not exceeding 90 days and/or imprisonment in the County jail or at any place provided by the municipality for detention of prisoners for a term not exceeding 90 days. A separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day during which a violation occurs or continues.
If any provision of this chapter or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is held invalid, the remainder of the chapter and application of this provision to person or circumstances, other than that which is held invalid, shall not be affected thereby.
This chapter shall become effective immediately upon final passage and second reading and adoption and being duly published according to law.
[Adopted 2-27-1995 as Ord. No. 95-2]
To further implement the establishment of the new Emergency 9-1-1 Service within the Township of Franklin and the County of Warren pursuant to N.J.S.A. 52:17C-1 et seq. and to amend the Official Tax Map of the Township of Franklin,[1] as well as the 9-1-1 emergency management maps, the Township hereby designates or renames certain public streets and further establishes names for private streets, in coordination with the Emergency Management 9-1-1 System, by the numbering of buildings for identification within said system.
Editor's Note: The Official Tax Map of the Township of Franklin is maintained on file in the office of the Township Clerk and the Township Tax Assessor.
The following public streets and/or portions thereof are hereby renamed as hereinafter provided:
Asbury Road. Asbury Road, also known as "County Route 643," is hereby redesignated as Asbury-Broadway Road, which roadway shall commence at the southerly line of Highway Route 57 in the Village of Broadway and run over the mountain to Asbury, terminating at a point in said County road with the northerly line of Block 48, Lot 21 (Bud Smith) extended westerly across said road.
Beidleman Road. Commencing at the southerly side line of State Highway Route 37 and running southeasterly to a point of terminus therein marked by the extension of the common boundary line between Lot 8 and Lot 7, Block 16A, as produced in a westerly direction across same to a point of termination, being South 13 degrees, 39 minutes, 34 seconds East 64.54 feet; and thence South 17 degrees, 6 minutes, 7 seconds 85.46 feet of the point of beginning and the center of the bridge over the Pohatcong Creek, as set forth in Books 47 of Deeds, at page 156, as recorded in the Warren County Clerk's office.
Franklin Road. The road known as "Franklin Road" is hereby redesignated as three separate roads as follows:
Woolverton Road, running northerly from the bridge over the Musconetcong River to its point of termination in the southerly right-of-way line of Bloomsbury Road.
Butler Road, commencing at the northerly edge of Bloomsbury Road, and running thence northerly to the southerly right-of-way line of Mountain View Road.
Mountain View Road, being that portion of Franklin Road that runs in a generally northwesterly direction up over the Pohatcong Mountain from the intersection of Inscho Road and running to the southerly side of Good Springs Road.
Old Main Street (Asbury). That portion of County Route 643 that runs through Asbury, commencing at a point in said County road where the northerly line of Block 48, Lot 21 (Bud Smith), extended westerly across said road; thence southeasterly through the Village of Asbury to a point in the center line midstream of the bridge over the Musconetcong River.
Schnetzer Lane. Being that portion of the old road known as "Cemetery Hill Road," commencing at the curve in the existing Cemetery Road, at the southwest corner of Lot 10.01, Block 48; thence running in a westerly and thence southwesterly, thence southeasterly direction through the Schnetzer property, being Lot 13, Block 48, to its point of termination in the rear line of the right-of-way of Cemetery Hill Road, as shown on Sheet 11 of the Official Tax Map of the Township of Franklin.
Whitmore Lane. Being that portion of what was formerly Millbrook Road until same was realigned, thence running from the new realigned roadway northerly between Lots 27 and 28, Block 18, a distance of approximately 450 feet.
New Street. New Street is hereby changed to Audrey Lane for the benefit and well being of the residents living on New Street.
[Added 5-3-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-7]
The following private streets and/or portions thereof are hereby renamed as hereinafter provided:
Adrienne Court. Running northerly from Maple Avenue and along Lots 1.05, 1.06 and 1.07, Block 51.
Cole Road. That certain road running northerly from State Highway Route 57 in the Village of New Village, beginning or in between Lots 6 and 8, Block 2, and terminating at Block 2, Lot 2.
Franklin Street. Commencing at the north side of State Highway Route 57, in the Village of Broadway, between Lot 1, Block 24, and Lot 5, Block 25, and running thence northerly to its intersection with the northerly terminus in the southerly side of the roadway herein designated as Mueller Lane.
Harley Court. Running southerly and then southwesterly from the southwesterly sideline of Asbury-Broadway Road, commencing therein between Lots 15 and 16, Block 45, and terminating in Lot 11, Block 45.
Olde Street. Running from the easterly line of Franklin Street and running thence easterly between Lot 1, Block 21; Lot 1, Block 20; Lot 6, Block 22; and Lot 7, Block 22, to its points of termination in the easterly line of Lot 26, Block 18.
Mica Mine Road. Running northerly and then northeasterly from its intersection with Van Syckle Road at a point between Lots 11, 12 and 20, Block 11, and terminating in Lot 19, Block 11.
Mueller Lane. Running between the easterly sideline of Millbrook Road, between Lot 7, Block 21, and Lot 1.01, Block 19; thence easterly along Lots 1.01 and 1.02, Block 19, to its terminus in the westerly line of Lot 26, Block 18.
Old Mineral Springs Road. Beginning at the termination point of Beidleman Road, opposite a common line between Lots 6 and 8, Block 16A, as extended westerly across same; and thence running southeasterly the various courses and distances over the Erie Lackawanna Railroad right-of-way and up the hill to its point of termination in the northwesterly sideline of Buttermilk Bridge Road at the northeast corner of Block 46, Lot 37, as shown on the Official Tax Map of the Township of Washington, Sheet 10.[1]
Editor's Note: The Official Map is maintained on file in the office of the Township Clerk and the Township Tax Assessor.
Price Lane. Running southerly from State Highway Route 57, between Lots 13 and 19, Block 16; thence southerly along Lots 13, 14, 15, 19.01 and 19.02, Block 16, to its termination point along the southerly sideline of Lot 19.02, Block 16, extended easterly and across same.
Skinner Court. Running in a southerly line of Mueller Lane between Lot 2, Block 21, and Lot 2, Block 20, and runs thence southerly to a termination point in the northerly line of Lot 5, Block 22.
Sigler Court. Running easterly off of Harley Court between Lot 16 and Lot 25.01; thence along lots 25.01 through 25.06 and terminating in or at the easterly line of said Lot 25.06, Block 45.
Singley Lane. Commencing at a point in the westerly sideline of Halfway House Road between Lots 35 and 36, Block 18; thence running westerly thence northerly over the Morris Canal and thence again westerly on a southerly line through Lots 21, 21.01 and 21.02, Block 11, to its termination point in Lot 23, Block 11.
Van Syckle Road. Running northerly and thence easterly from Millbrook Road at Lot 3 where Lot 3 and Lot 1.03, Block 11, intersect Millbrook Road; and thence running in a northerly thence easterly direction and terminating in Lot 22, Block 11.
Smith Lane. The private street shall now be known as "Smith Lane." Smith Lane is east of Old Main Street and intersects with Old Main Street between Block 48, Lot 21, (to the north) owned by Elizabeth Smith and Block 40, Lot 20.01, (to the south) owned by Richard L. Smith.
[Added 10-27-1997 by Ord. No. 97-13]