Wicomico County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the County Council of Wicomico County 6-15-1981 by Bill No. 1981-6.[1] Amendments noted where applicable]
Department of Correction — See Ch. 20.
Salary of Sheriff in Wicomico County — See Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, § 2-309.
Editor's Note: This bill also repealed Former Ch. 86, Sheriff, which was comprised of the following: § 86-1, Duties [1959 Code, sec. 498. 1937, ch. 270; 1945, ch. 656, sec. 389C; 1947, ch. 778, sec. 389C]; § 86-2, Fees and costs [1959 Code, sec. 499, 1947, ch. 778, sec. 389D]; § 86-3, Monthly account [1959 Code, sec. 500. 1947, ch. 778, sec. 389E]; § 86-4, Office; equipment [1959 Code, sec. 501. 1947, ch. 788, sec. 389F]; § 86-5, Expense allowance; records [P.L.L. 1930, Art. 23, sec. 390; 1959 Code, sec. 502, 1929, ch. 59, sec. 2; 1933, ch. 117, sec. 390; 1937, ch. 270, sec. 390; 1939, ch. 243; 1947, ch. 778, sec. 390; 1947, ch. 905; 1953, ch. 233; 1959, ch. 97; 1961, ch. 178]; § 86-6, Living quarters [1959 Code, sec. 503. 1933, ch. 117, sec. 390A; 1937, ch. 270, sec. 390A; 1947, ch. 778, sec. 390A]; § 86-7, Levy authorized [1959 Code, sec. 504, 1933, ch. 117, sec. 390B; 1937, Ch. 270, sec. 390B; 1945, ch. 656, sec. 390B; 1947, ch. 778, sec. 390B]; and which was amended in its entirety 2-15-1978 by Bill No. 1978-6.
The Sheriff of Wicomico County is hereby authorized, directed and required to serve all process, both civil and criminal, issuing out of the District Court of Maryland for Wicomico County and the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, Maryland, as now required by law. He shall perform the general duties of his office now or hereafter fixed by the common law and by the provisions of the general laws of Maryland and the local laws of Wicomico County. The Sheriff shall have power to require a chief deputy and any other deputies to do and perform any service incident to the office of the Sheriff. Nothing herein shall be construed to conflict with the right of the County Council for said county to appoint county police, prescribe their duties, regulate their hours, fix their compensation and regulate their activities.
The Sheriff may appoint, train, provide uniforms and equip the number of school crossing guards that the Sheriff considers necessary for the safety of children at school crossings.
School crossing guards shall be under the supervision of the Sheriff and shall be subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the Sheriff.
The authority of the school crossing guard, acting on behalf of the Office of the Sheriff, is limited to the power to control and direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic at assigned crossings. School crossing guards may direct traffic at all such school crossings and other places along the public highways in the county as the Sheriff determines.
It shall be the duty of the driver of any vehicle, except drivers of emergency vehicles connected with a law enforcement agency or fire department, at any street intersection or other place where a school crossing guard is stationed, to immediately obey all orders of such crossing guard given for the purpose of regulating traffic at such point. A person may not fail to obey a lawful order of a school crossing guard. A person who violates any provision of this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof before the District Court of Maryland for Wicomico County or in the Circuit Court for said county, shall be fined a sum not exceeding $500 or be imprisoned not exceeding 30 days, or shall be both fined and imprisoned, in the discretion of the court.
[Amended 10-17-2006 by Bill No. 2006-11[1]]
All fees and charges in civil and criminal cases to which the Sheriff may now be entitled by law shall hereafter be collected for and paid to Wicomico County in the following manner: The Clerk of the Circuit Court for Wicomico County shall, in all criminal cases and in all civil cases, both at law and in equity, instituted in said Circuit Court, collect all costs taxable in said cases for the benefit of said Sheriff and pay over same to the Director of Finance of Wicomico County, together with an itemized statement thereof, quarterly, on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 in each and every year; and the Clerk of the District Court of Maryland for Wicomico County shall, in all cases, civil and criminal, instituted in said Court, collect the fees and costs taxable for the benefit of the Sheriff and pay over same to the Director of Finance of Wicomico County at the end of each month, together with an itemized statement thereof.
Editor’s Note: This bill also repealed former § 86-3, Monthly account, former § 86-4, Office; equipment, and former § 86-5, Levy authorized.