Wicomico County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The following is a list of the bond and other acts which appeared in the 1965 Code of Public Local Laws as footnotes.
Ch. 315,1931, authorized the County Commissioners of Wicomico County to issue up to $90,000 in Scrip Retiring Bonds.
Ch. 431, 1939, transferred an unexpended balance of state moneys which had been appropriated for drainage of agricultural lands in Wicomico and Worcester counties. See also ch. 778 of 1939.
Ch. 380, 1943, enacted a work or fight law for Wicomico County and 13 other counties, during the then existing war.
Ch. 290, 1945, ratified the conveyance by the School Board of a part of the Academy Lot.
Ch. 21, 1948 Special Session, provided additional compensation for the judges of Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties. This Act was repealed by ch. 81 of 1949, amending what is now section 47 of Article 26 of the 1957 Edition of the Annotated Code.
Ch. 541, 1955, provided that the County Commissioners and the Legislative Delegation should appoint a Commission to study and revise the laws concerning Sabbath observance, as they pertain to Wicomico County.
Ch. 47, 1959, authorized the County Commissioners to convey two parcels of property to the Wicomico War Memorial Builders, Inc., for the construction of a war memorial.
JR 11, 1960, urged the Congress and the Army Engineers to provide for an inland waterway between the Delaware Bay and the Chesapeake Bay.
Ch. 108, 1961, authorized the County Commissioners to pay $100,000 to the Wicomico War Memorial Builders, Inc.
Ch. 150, 1961, directed the County Treasurer to pay to the County Commissioners the proceeds of certain tax sales.
Ch. 243, 1961, authorized the County Commissioners to pay $22,839.14 to Salisbury as reimbursement for the construction of a water main.
Ch. 279 of 1961 added a new section 517A following section 617 in the 1959 Code. Section 517A was repealed as part of the revision of these laws in ch. 817 of 1963.
Ch. 417, 1961, amending section 9(31) of Article 81 of the Annotated Code, provided a tax exemption for the Wicomico Historical Society, Inc.
Ch. 547, 1961, amending portions of section 3 of Article 25 of the Annotated Code, concerned the powers of the County Commissioners.
JR 13, 1961, concerned income tax exemptions in Delaware and Maryland.
JR 51, 1961, concerned the Mason and Dixon line between Delaware and Maryland.
Ch. 238, 1963, authorized the County Commissioners to indemnify Somerset County for damage caused by maintenance dredging in Wicomico County.
Ch. 749, 1963, concerned the Committee of the Wicomico Presbyterian Church of Salisbury.
Ch. 519, 1965, adding a new section to the public local laws of Worcester County, authorized Worcester County to make appropriations to Peninsula General Hospital.
School bonds have been authorized as follows:
1931, ch. 31: $110,000--Wicomico High School building.
1936 Sp. Sess., ch. 54: $450,000--Salisbury, Sharptown, Mardela, Delmar and near Fruitland.
1939, ch. 340: $450,000--Nanticoke, East Salisbury, Willards, Delmar, Pittsville, Upton Street (referendum)
1945, ch. 289: $390,000--In or near Salisbury.
1947, ch. 289: $750,000--Same (also repealed ch. 289 of 1945).
1948 Sp. Sess., ch. 12: $400,000--In or near Pittsville and Salisbury.
1949, ch. 293: $1,200,000--In or near Salisbury.
1950, ch. 35: $175,000--Willards, Pittsville, Salisbury.
1950, ch. 58: $700,000--In or near Salisbury.
1951, ch. 224: $700,000--Same (also repealed ch. 58 of 1950).
1953, ch. 254: $1,600,000--Schools in county.
1955, ch. 305: $300,000--Schools in county.
1957, ch. 417: $900,000--Schools in county.
1959, ch. 215: $770,000--Specified schools.
1961, ch. 2: $1,600,000--Schools in county.
1963, ch. 48: $1,500,000--Schools in county.
All acts, ordinances and resolutions adopted by the County Council from 1965 are listed in the Appendix in Ch. A233.