Village of Tarrytown, NY
Westchester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The following requirements, standards and conditions apply to the Industrial ID Zone:
Permitted principal uses.
Warehousing, wholesaling and storage, provided that all storage is in buildings; freight distribution centers and terminals.
Assembling, converting, finishing, solid waste recycling or other processing of products.
Electrical small parts manufacturing; machine shops for small parts; plumbing establishments.
Mass transit facilities, including railroad tracks and appurtenant structures such as railroad stations; and historic and/or alternative modes of transportation.
Stone cutting or monument works, experimental or other laboratories, cold storage plants, ice plants, bakeries, laundries, dry-cleaning plants and printing plants.
Cabinetmaker, carpenters' shops, power woodworking, furniture repairs, finishing and upholstering.
Outdoor storage of lumber, building materials, contractors' equipment, trucks, vans, buses, passenger motor vehicles or any combination thereof, whether new, used or in use, for sale or for hire, provided that:
Outdoor storage operations shall be enclosed, except for entrances and exits, by a locking fence as follows:
For enclosing a towing storage yard or parking lot for private passenger vehicles, such fence shall not be less than four feet in height.
For enclosing any other outdoor storage permitted above, such fence shall be six feet in height and of solid construction.
Storage of lumber and other similar combustible material shall not be nearer than 15 feet to any side or rear lot line bordering on a residential district.
Dining, entertainment and bar facilities, provided that:
The use shall be an on-premises sit-down-type eating or drinking establishment. A drive-in or window service facility is specifically prohibited.
There shall be no outdoor public address or music system audible beyond the limits of the site.
Provision shall be made for safe and sanitary storage and disposal of solid waste and process waste. Dumpsters and garbage disposal containers shall not be located on the waterward side of the building. The disposal systems shall be sufficient to safely and adequately handle the type and volume of refuse which can reasonably be expected to be generated by the land uses on site. Waste containers shall be effectively screened from public view and view from adjacent properties.
Outdoor lighting shall be contained on the site and shielded to assure that lighting is not visible from neighboring lots.
The following retail shopping and consumer services establishments:
Clothing sales.
Grocery and specialty food stores.
Gift shops.
Sporting goods stores, including bicycle sales and rental.
Bank or automatic teller facility.
Art galleries and antique shops.
Car wash.
Health and sports clubs.
Business, professional and governmental offices, showrooms and research, design and development laboratories.
Community service centers.
Permitted accessory uses.
Any accessory use normally appurtenant to a principal permitted or compatible use permit use.
None of the accessory uses permitted in one-family and multifamily residence districts.
Storage of goods or equipment accessory to permitted uses.
Utility, maintenance and service facilities.
Minimum lot area: none.
Performance standards. The above uses shall be operated so as to conform with the following provisions:
No land or building shall be operated in such a manner as to create a dangerous, injurious, noxious, fire, explosive or other hazard; vibration; odor; smoke, dust or other form of air pollution; electrical disturbance; glare; or cause any nuisance. The use shall not produce exterior noise levels that exceed 90 decibels at off-lot locations.
Location where determinations are to be made for the enforcement of performance standards:
The point or points where such elements shall be most apparent for fire and explosion hazards, for radioactivity and electrical disturbances and for smoke and other forms of air pollution.
The property lines of the use creating such elements for noise, for vibration, for glare and for odors.
All uses shall be operated in a manner which conforms to all applicable local, state and federal laws and meet all applicable local, state and federal performance standards related to air quality, noise, water quality, hazardous substance storage and handling, and other environmental effects.
Additional provisions.
In the ID District, along any municipal boundary, a five-foot landscaped strip is required and shall be planted in addition to the required side and rear yards with a combination of evergreens, hedges and shrubs having a minimum height of six feet and shall include decorative fencing having a height of six feet.
In structures certified by the Board of Trustees as historic structures, the Zoning Board of Appeals may permit the conversion of a one-family dwelling into a maximum of three separate dwelling units where such conversion is necessary to preserve the historic structures, provided that each dwelling unit shall contain the minimum livable floor area required in that district and further subject to the issuance of a certificate of appropriateness by the Architectural Review Board.
All new or relocated utility distribution facilities shall be placed underground.