Township of Doylestown, PA
Bucks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Doylestown 6-6-1989 by Ord. No. 185. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fires in parks and recreation areas-See Ch. 119.
This chapter shall be known as the "Fire Prevention Code of the Township of Doylestown."
[Amended 11-4-1991 by Ord. No. 208]
The BOCA National Fire Prevention Code/1990, Eighth Edition, with all supplements to date, is hereby adopted as the Fire Prevention Code for Doylestown Township.
[Amended 11-4-1991 by Ord. No. 208]
The following additions and deletions to the BOCA National Fire Prevention Code are hereby ordained and enacted:
In Section F-100.1, the words "Township of Doylestown" shall be inserted where applicable.
Section F-104.1 is deleted in its entirety, and the following is hereby inserted:
F-104.1 Enforcement officer: The Doylestown Township Fire Marshal and designated representatives, if appropriate, shall have the authority to enforce provisions of this code and shall be considered the fire officials.
Section F-106.7, Payment of fees, is amended by adding thereto the following words: "Permit fees shall be fixed from time to time by resolution of the Board of Supervisors."[1]
Editor's Note: See Ch. A180, Fees.
Section F-110.2 is amended to include therein the following provisions: "Any person who shall continue any work in or about the structure after having been served with a stop-work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition, shall be liable to prosecution and subject to the penalties as set forth in Section F-111.0 of this code. Furthermore, any unlawful continuance of an action or the maintenance of a condition regulated by this chapter is subject to action by the Township in a court of equity in the appropriate jurisdiction to enjoin the unlawful continuance, all of which shall be in accordance with applicable law."
Section F-111.3 is deleted in its entirety, and the following is hereby inserted:
F- 111.3 Penalties: Any person, corporation, partnership, firm or the like who shall violate a provision of this code or shall fail to comply with any of the requirements thereof or who shall erect, construct, alter or repair a building or structure in violation of an approved plan or directive of the building official or of a permit or certificate issued under the provisions of this code shall be guilty of a summary offense, punishable as provided in § 1-13 of Chapter 1, General Provisions. Each day that a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense.
Section F-112.1 is deleted in its entirety and the following is hereby inserted:
F-112.1 Application for appeal: Appeals related to the terms and conditions of this code and/or from any order of a fire official shall be processed as follows: Whenever a fire official shall disapprove an application, refuse to grant a permit applied for or issue an order to eliminate a dangerous or hazardous condition or when it is claimed that the provisions of the code do not apply or that the true intent and meaning of the code has been misconstrued or wrongly interpreted, the applicant or person against whom such order has been issued may appeal from the decision of the fire official to an appeal board established by the Board of Supervisors of Doylestown Township, which said appeal shall be heard within 10 days from the day of the decision of such action by the fire official. Normal appeal rights shall follow as are set forth in the code.
The provisions of Article 3, General Precautions Against Fire, Section F-301.0, Open Burning, of the Doylestown Township Fire Code, is hereby amended so as to read as follows:
[Amended 5-4-1993 by Ord. No. 223]
Subsection F-301.1.
F-301.1 Open burning restricted:
No person shall:
Ignite or feed an open fire for the destruction of refuse or in the conduct of a salvage operation in any public or private place outside of any building.
Cause, suffer, allow or permit the maintenance of any open fire for the destruction of refuse or in the conduct of a salvage operation on any property under his control outside of any building.
The following exceptions are made to the extent indicated:
Open fires may be set in the performance of an official duty of any public officer if the fire is necessary for:
The prevention of a fire hazard which cannot be abated by other means.
The protection of public health.
The training and instruction of persons engaged in fire company activities.
The prevention and control of disease or pests.
The production of agricultural commodities in their unmanufactured state on the premises of a farm operation.
Recreational or ceremonial purposes only.
As to Subsection 2a(2) and (3) hereinabove, 24 hours' notice to the Township shall be given whenever possible.
Nothing herein contained shall be construed to prohibit devices such as grills or barbecues specifically designed and used solely for outdoor cooking of food.
No person shall set or maintain any outdoor fire of any type whatsoever within the Township during such specified periods of time as the Board of Supervisors shall determine when, in the sole opinion of such officials, hazardous conditions exist by reason of unusual weather conditions; provided, however, that public notice of such prohibition is published one time in a newspaper having general circulation within the Township and further that such notice of prohibition is publicly posted at the Township Building and other prominent places within said Township
Burning of natural vegetation.
[Amended 9-5-2000 by l]
The burning of natural vegetation accumulated as a result of deadfall, trimming or the cutting of such material when the fire is on the premises of any structure occupied solely as a dwelling by two families or fewer and when such natural vegetation results from the normal occupancy of said structure shall be allowed as follows:
During calendar year 2000, from November 1 to December 15;
During calendar year 2001, from April 15 to May 24 and from November 1 to December 8;
During calendar year 2002, from April 15 to May 15 and from November 1 to December 1;
During calendar year 2003, from April 15 to May 10 and from November 1 to November 23; and
During calendar year 2004, from April 15 to May 3 and from November 1 to November 15.
No open burning shall be permitted as of calendar year 2005. The burning of natural vegetation as referenced in this subsection during the times when such burning is permitted shall be subject to the following requirements:
Such burning is performed at a distance of not less than 50 feet from any structure and so placed as to prevent the spread of fire to within 50 feet of any structure, vehicle or fuel tank.
No burning shall be conducted closer than 25 feet to any property line nor within the right-of-way of any street.
All such burnings shall be constantly attended by a competent person who shall have a garden hose connected and extended to the burning area and ready and available for use or other suitable extinguishment equipment.
The Township Manager, Assistant Township Manager, Township Director of Operations, Township Fire Marshal and his designated representatives, including but not limited to the Assistant Fire Marshal, Township police officers, and such other persons as the Township Manager may, in writing, from time to time designate, are authorized to enforce the provisions of this section.
The provisions of Subsections F-301.2 through F-301.10 shall remain as previously adopted.