Town of Thompson, NY
Sullivan County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 5-31-1984 by L.L. No. 3-1984]

§ 250-108 Establishment. [1]

Planned Unit Development District No. 3 is hereby established in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Code of the Town of Thompson.
Editor's Note: Pursuant to L.L. No. 5-1984, planned unit developments commenced after the effective date of said local law are controlled by Part 1, Zoning, and, specifically, § 250-27.

§ 250-109 Boundary and description.

The boundary and description of Planned Unit Development District No. 3 is fully set forth in the schedule titled "Boundary and Description" which is annexed hereto and made a part hereof. The boundary and description is further shown on a map and site plan of said planned unit development which is annexed hereto and made a part hereof.[1]
Editor's Note: The Description for Hidden Ridge (Planned Unit Development District No. 3) and the map and site plan thereof are on file in the office of the Town Clerk.

§ 250-110 Purpose.

The purpose of this Part 4 is to establish, in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Thompson, a well-integrated and coordinated planned unit development district which is sufficiently flexible to permit an orderly development responsive to the needs of the community and regulated to protect and safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants thereof and adjacent thereto with a view to conserving the value of buildings and encouraging the most appropriate use of land in the district.

§ 250-111 Permitted uses.

No buildings or other structures or land shall be located or used in Planned Unit Development District No. 3 except for:
One-family attached dwellings.
Accessory uses.
Recreational facilities, including swimming pool.
Parking areas, roadways, installation of utility services and customary accessory buildings and uses, such as small storage sheds customarily used in connection with private one-family dwellings, outdoor patios and the like.

§ 250-112 Area, yard and height restrictions.

No buildings shall be any higher than one story above final grade.
No building shall be located closer than within 25 feet of any other building.
The locations of buildings, parking, roadways, and general layout within Planned Unit Development District No. 3 shall be substantially in accordance with the site plan annexed hereto and made a part hereof; minor modifications shall be permitted but major deviations shall be prohibited.
For each dwelling unit, two automobile parking spaces shall be provided.
There shall be a maximum of 55 buildings; no building shall have more than four dwelling units and no fewer than two dwelling units within it so that there shall be a maximum of 150 dwelling units.

§ 250-113 Maintenance of portion of property under single ownership.

Nothing contained in this Part 4 shall prohibit the maintenance of the 50 acres, plus or minus, within the planned unit development district in single ownership or, conversely, the transfer ownership of individual dwelling units and land areas, provided that there shall be maintained, by way of owner associations, joint ownership, contracts, easements or permanent agreements, the required standards as set forth in this Part 4 for the use and benefit of the inhabitants thereof.

§ 250-114 Interior roads; utility services; approvals; connection to sewer system.

Interior roads shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the specifications promulgated by the developer's engineer and approved by the Town Highway Superintendent. All interior roadways shall remain privately owned and maintained by the collective homeowners' association.
All utility services shall be installed pursuant to approvals by the Town Engineer but shall in all events be underground below frost level, including water and sewer distribution lines, electric service and television cable service.
Drainage of surface waters shall be designed and constructed in a manner so as to cause minimum impact upon abutting and nearby premises.
Necessary environmental approvals must be obtained prior to construction.
Necessary New York State Board of Health approvals relative to the public water distribution system must be obtained prior to construction.
The entire development must be connected to the Kutsher's sewer treatment plant for processing in accordance with the approved SPDES permit.

§ 250-115 Time for development; expiration of provisions.

Development must start within three years of the date of adoption of this planned unit development and must be completed within a reasonable time, it must be consistent with the spirit and intent of this Part 4, and all plans must be prepared with competent professional advice. In the event that the development is not started within three years from the date of adoption of this Part 4, then this Part 4 shall automatically and without further action necessary on the part of the Town Board of the Town of Thompson expire, and the status heretofore granted as a PUD to the premises described in § 250-109 of this Part 4 shall automatically be included as part of the district in which the planned unit development was wholly included.

§ 250-116 Special groups of certain dwellings.

In cases where the developer has designed special groups of types of dwelling not conforming to the provisions of this Part 4, the Zoning Board of Appeals, after referral to and report by the Planning Board, may approve such nonconformity, provided that the average density does not increase and further provided that the layout is not detrimental to the health and welfare of the community.

§ 250-117 Applicability of other provisions.

Unless otherwise specifically provided and to the extent that they are not inconsistent with this Part 4, all provisions of the Municipal Code of the Town of Thompson shall apply to this planned unit development district.

§ 250-118 Authorization to change Zoning Map.

The Town Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to change the Official Zoning Map of the Town of Thompson by designating thereon the planned unit development district hereby established.