Borough of Riverdale, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Health of the Borough of Riverdale as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Sewers — See Ch. 136.
[Adopted 2-17-2015 by Ord. No. BOH 1-2015[1]]
Editor's Note: This ordinance also repealed former Ch. 177, Sewage Disposal, adopted 7-10-1990 by Ord. No. 1-90.
Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 58:22.23 et seq., including 58:11-36 and 13:1B-3 and the amendments thereto, there is adopted Chapter 9:9A-1.1 through 7:9A-12.8 of the New Jersey Administrative Code and the supplements and additions thereto.
No person shall locate, construct, or alter any individual sewage disposal system, nor shall a completed or altered system be backfilled without the approval of the Health Department.
The Health Department shall examine all applications for permits, and approve or deny in whole or in part the application, within 20 business days. If the application is denied in whole or in part, the Health Department shall set forth the reason therefore in writing. If the Health Department fails to grant in whole or in part, or deny an application within 20 days, such failure shall be deemed a denial of the application for the purposes of an appeal as provided by law, unless such period of time has been extended with the consent of the applicant.
Suspension of permit. Any permit issued shall become invalid if the authorized work is not commenced within nine months after the issuance of the permit or completed within one year after the issuance of the permit. The Health Department may consider an extension beyond the one-year period explaining the reason for the delay. Said extension, if granted, shall not exceed three months commencing from the original date of termination.
Approved plans. The Department of Health shall stamp or endorse in writing the approved plans. One set of approved plans shall be retained by the Department of Health, and the other set shall be kept on the construction site open to inspection to the Health Department or its authorized representative at all reasonable times.
Revocation of permits. The Health Department may revoke a permit or approval issued under the provision of this code in case of any false statement or misrepresentation of fact in the application or on the plans on which the permit or approval was based.
Posting of permit. A true copy of the permit shall be kept on the site of operations open to inspection during the entire time of prosecution of the work and until the completion of same.
Notice of start. At least 24 hours' notice of start of work under a sanitary permit shall be given to the Health Department.
Conditions of permit. The issuance of the sanitary permit shall be conditioned upon the following:
The payment of appropriate fees;
That work will conform to the approved application, plans and specifications of which the permit has been issued, including prior approvals and amendments thereto;
That the permit is a license to proceed with the work and shall not be construed as authority to violate, cancel or set aside any of the provisions of the regulation;
That the owner, his agent contractor or other employees will assist the enforcing agency in its inspection work, if requested.
There shall be a fee established pursuant to this article as follows:
For the filing of an application and plans for a permit to locate, construct, alter or repair an individual sewage disposal system, $150.
For the filing of an application and plans for a permit to repair a baffle, connecting pipe, or distribution box of an individual sewage disposal system, $25.
For each reinspection of an individual sewage disposal system or part thereof, caused by the failure of the permittee to locate and construct or alter the same in accordance with the terms of the permit issued or the terms of the code adopted by this article, an inspection fee of $25 shall be charged.
New individual sewage disposal systems shall not be placed in operation, nor shall new dwellings or buildings or additions thereto be sold or occupied which must rely on such a system for sewage disposal, until the Health Department shall have issued a certificate indicating that such disposal system has been located and constructed in compliance with the terms of the permit issued and the requirements of the code adopted by this article. Issuance of such certificate shall be required for alterations to an existing individual sewage disposal system.
No person shall own or operate an individual sewage disposal system which is designed, constructed, or located in a manner that will permit the discharge of an effluent onto the surface of the ground or into any watercourse.