Township of Lower, NJ
Cape May County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Council of the Township of Lower by Ord. No. 86-5 (Sec. 3-14 of the 1975 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Dumping — See Ch. 285.
Littering — See Ch. 419.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 500.
Solid waste — See Ch. 570.
The preservation of public health, safety and welfare within the Township requires that all lands within the municipality be kept clear of brush, weeds, dead and dying trees, stumps, roots, obnoxious growth, filth, garbage, trash and debris.
It is hereby declared unlawful for any person, firm, association, partnership, or corporation owning, leasing, or otherwise occupying land or lands situate, lying and being within the confines of the Township to permit obnoxious brush, weeds, dead and dying trees, stumps, roots, growths, filth, garbage, trash or debris to remain thereon.
[Amended 7-1-2013 by Ord. No. 2013-14]
All property owners in the Township of Lower are deemed to be on notice that it is their responsibility and duty to monitor and keep their properties in compliance with this chapter. Therefore, no prior notice of violations need be given by the Code Enforcement Officer prior to issuing a summons for any violations hereof.
[Amended 7-1-2013 by Ord. No. 2013-14]
In the event that the owner, lessee, or occupant shall fail to abate, remove, or remedy the offending condition in a manner satisfactory to the enforcement official within 10 days of being cited for a violation of same, the enforcement official may remove or abate the offending condition and charge the owner, lessee and/or occupant for all costs involved with this action.
[Amended 10-4-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-10]
In all cases where brush, weeds, including ragweed, dead and dying trees, stumps, roots, obnoxious growth, filth, garbage, trash and/or debris are destroyed or removed from any lands under the terms of this chapter by or under the direction of the enforcement official, the enforcement official shall certify the cost thereof to the Township Council, which shall examine, certify and if found correct shall cause the cost as shown thereon to be charged against said lands; the amount so charged shall forthwith become a lien upon such lands and shall be added to and become and form part of the taxes next to be assessed and levied upon such lands, the same to bear interest at the same rate as taxes, and shall be collected and enforced by the same officials and in the same manner as taxes. An administrative lien fee in the amount of $500 shall be imposed in conjunction with the creation of a lien.
The following persons shall be deemed enforcement officials for purposes of this chapter:
The Township Construction Official and his subordinates.
The Township Zoning Official.
The Township Health Official, which title shall include any county health official assigned to or functioning within the Township.
Any member of the Police Department.
Any member of the Board of Health.