Municipality of Murrysville, PA
Westmoreland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Chief Administrator shall be responsible to the Mayor for the proper and efficient administration of the affairs of the Municipality which are placed in his charge. The powers and duties of the administration of all Municipality business shall be vested in the Chief Administrator unless otherwise expressly imposed or conferred by this code or the Charter.
In addition to those listed in § C-69 of the Charter, the powers and duties of the Chief Administrator shall include the following:
Receive, investigate and dispose of all complaints regarding municipal services and personnel and report to the Mayor thereon.
Serve as purchasing officer of the Municipality and purchase, as specified in the budget and in accordance with the provisions of the Charter and this code, all supplies and equipment for the boards, commissions, departments and other units of the Municipality, with the exception of the Library Board. The Chief Administrator shall keep an account of all purchases and shall, from time to time or when directed by Council or the Mayor, make a full written report thereof. The Chief Administrator shall also issue rules and regulations, subject to the provisions of the Charter and this code, governing the procurement of all municipal supplies and equipment.
Require each department, office, board, commission or other municipal units to certify from time to time that material, supplies or equipment have been received and accepted as specified and that services contracted for have been duly rendered and to issue twice annually to the Mayor a report on these subjects.
Appoint, suspend or remove all municipal employees, except as otherwise provided by law, the Charter, this code or union contract and report any such action to the Mayor.
Administer the personnel system of the Municipality in accordance with § C-82 of the Charter and this code. The Chief Administrator may from time to time make recommendations in writing to Council regarding amendments and changes to the personnel system for the good and welfare of those governed by said system.
Direct and supervise the administration of all departments and offices, except as otherwise provided by law, the Charter or this code.
Prepare and submit to the Mayor a budget for the next fiscal year, along with an explanatory budget message. In preparing the budget, the Chief Administrator shall obtain from the director of each department, unit, board or commission or any qualified official thereof estimates of revenues and expenditures and such other supporting data as is required. The Chief Administrator shall review such estimates and may revise them before submitting the budget to the Mayor.
Assign an employee of the Municipality to perform the duties and exercise the functions of any office or position under his jurisdiction during a temporary vacancy in the position.
Submit to the Mayor a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the Municipality as of the end of each fiscal year.
Attend all meetings of Council with the right to take part in discussions. The Chief Administrator shall receive notice of all special meetings of Council and its committees.
Perform the duties of the Municipal Secretary in causing appropriate records to be made, preserved and certified, as required by law, § C-98 of the Charter and this code.
Be responsible for the administration of the budget after its adoption by Council.
Sign such papers, contracts, obligations and documents that are properly presented to him as required by law, the Charter and ordinance.
Ensure that the provisions of all franchises, leases, permits and privileges granted by the Municipality are observed.
Investigate, examine or inquire into the affairs or operations of any department, office or other unit of the Municipality under his authority.
Employ, with the approval of the Mayor and within the constraints of the budget, experts and consultants to perform work and to advise in connection with any of the functions of the Municipality.
Award contracts, except as provided in § 3-52, Competitive bidding, of this code, and supervise the performance and faithful execution of the same unless such duties are otherwise imposed upon another official or employee.
In an Administrative Manual, prescribe rules and regulations considered by him to be necessary for the operation of any department, office or other unit of the Municipality under his authority.
Keep Council and the Mayor fully advised of the financial condition and future needs of the Municipality and make such recommendations to the Mayor concerning the administrative affairs of the Municipality as he deems desirable.
Dispose of unneeded, obsolete or surplus equipment or supplies in accordance with § 3-54 of this code.
Coordinate the development of monthly reports by all department directors as described in § 3-21 of this code and forward these reports to the Mayor.
Perform all other proper duties as designated by the Mayor and municipal ordinances and resolutions.