Municipality of Murrysville, PA
Westmoreland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Approved at referendum 4-27-1976, effective 1-1-1978. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Name and Boundaries

§ C-1 Name.

§ C-2 Boundaries.

Article II Powers of the Municipality

§ C-3 General powers.

§ C-4 Residual powers.

§ C-5 Eminent domain.

§ C-6 Intergovernmental relations.

Article III General Provisions

§ C-7 Severability.

§ C-8 Amendments.

§ C-9 Publication.

§ C-10 Applicable law.

§ C-11 Conflict of interest.

§ C-12 Duty to reveal conflict of interest.

§ C-13 Violation.

§ C-14 Restriction of political activity.

Article IV Elected Officials

§ C-15 Qualifications.

§ C-16 Oath of office.

§ C-17 Prohibitions.

§ C-18 Vacancies.

§ C-19 Forfeiture of office.

Article V Council

§ C-20 Composition.

§ C-21 Term of office.

§ C-22 Limit of number of terms.

§ C-23 Compensation.

§ C-24 Authority.

§ C-25 Legislative powers.

§ C-26 Powers and duties of Council.

§ C-27 Filling of Council vacancy.

Article VI Mayor

§ C-28 Election.

§ C-29 Term of office.

§ C-30 Limit of number of terms.

§ C-31 Compensation.

§ C-32 Participation in Council meetings.

§ C-33 Approval and veto powers.

§ C-34 General powers and duties.

§ C-35 Absence of Mayor.

§ C-36 Vacancy of Mayor.

Article VII Operations and Procedures

§ C-37 Organization of Council.

§ C-38 Meetings.

§ C-39 Quorum.

§ C-40 Form of action.

§ C-41 Majority action.

§ C-42 Minutes of proceedings.

§ C-43 Electronic recordings.

§ C-44 Agenda.

§ C-45 Citizen's right to be heard.

§ C-46 Citizen's petition.

§ C-47 Appointments to boards, commissions and authorities.

§ C-48 Procedures for public hearings.

§ C-49 Public records.

Article VIII Tax Collector

§ C-50 (Reserved)

§ C-51 (Reserved)

§ C-52 (Reserved)

§ C-53 Powers and duties.

§ C-54 Bond.

§ C-55 Reports to Council.

§ C-56 (Reserved)

Article IX Auditors

§ C-57 Independent audit.

§ C-58 Powers and duties of Auditors.

Article X Investigative, Hearing and Subpoena Powers of Council, the Mayor and Auditors

§ C-59 Hearings.

§ C-60 Rules.

§ C-61 Attendance.

§ C-62 Oaths.

§ C-63 Penalty.

§ C-64 Subpoenas, court proceedings.

Article XI Chief Administrator

§ C-65 Appointment.

§ C-66 Dismissal.

§ C-67 Qualifications.

§ C-68 Compensation.

§ C-69 Powers and duties.

§ C-70 Acting Chief Administrator.

§ C-71 Interference with administration.

Article XII Solicitor or Law Firm

§ C-72 Appointment.

§ C-73 Qualifications.

§ C-74 Compensation.

§ C-75 Scope of authority.

§ C-76 Duties.

§ C-77 Special Counsel.

§ C-78 Access to records.

Article XIII Administrative Structure

§ C-79 Administrative Code.

§ C-80 Director of Departments.

Article XIV Personnel

§ C-81 General provisions.

§ C-82 Personnel system.

Article XV Police

§ C-83 Authority.

§ C-84 Special School Police.

§ C-85 Auxiliary Police.

Article XVI Planning, Etc.

§ C-86 Planning administration.

§ C-87 Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.

§ C-88 Planning Commission.

§ C-89 Building and Plumbing Code.

§ C-90 Environmental impact statement.

Article XVII Ordinances and Resolutions

§ C-91 Adoption by Council.

§ C-92 Publication of ordinances.

§ C-93 General ordinance requirements.

§ C-94 Actions requiring an ordinance.

§ C-95 Approval or veto by Mayor.

§ C-96 Overriding Mayor's veto.

§ C-97 Effective date of ordinances.

§ C-98 Recording.

§ C-99 Penalty provision.

§ C-100 Standard or national codes.

§ C-101 Emergency ordinance.

Article XVIII Budget and Fiscal Matters

§ C-102 Fiscal year.

§ C-103 Budget preparation and submission.

§ C-104 Budget message.

§ C-105 Budget content.

§ C-106 Public record.

§ C-107 Notice and hearing.

§ C-108 Adoption of budget.

§ C-109 Amendment of budget.

§ C-110 Appropriations.

§ C-111 Tax ceiling.

§ C-112 Debt limitation.

§ C-113 Payment of funds.

§ C-114 Capital program.

§ C-115 Adoption of capital program.

§ C-116 Public record.

§ C-117 Department of Finance.

§ C-118 Duties of Director of Finance.

§ C-119 Fidelity bonds.

Article XIX Contracts

§ C-120 Competitive bids required.

§ C-121 Bidding procedure.

§ C-122 Exceptions to competitive bidding.

§ C-123 Evasion of bidding requirements.

§ C-124 Bid deposits.

§ C-125 Performance bonds.

§ C-126 Maintenance bonds.

§ C-127 Bonds.

Article XX Initiative and Referendum

§ C-128 General authority.

§ C-129 Petitioners' committee.

§ C-130 Petitions.

§ C-131 Certification of petitions.

§ C-132 Suspension of ordinance's effect.

§ C-133 Action by Council.

§ C-134 Submission to voters.

§ C-135 Withdrawal of petition.

§ C-136 Election results.

§ C-137 Repeal of initiative ordinance.

§ C-138 Rejected initiative ordinance.

§ C-139 Conflicting items for referendum.

Article XXI Authorities

§ C-140 Notice and hearing.

Article XXII Transition

§ C-141 Rights and privileges of employees.

§ C-142 Continuation of ordinances and resolutions.

§ C-143 Rights and liabilities to continue.

§ C-144 Existing departments and offices.

§ C-145 Members of authorities, boards and commissions.

§ C-146 Authority of existing elected officers.

§ C-147 Temporary Municipal Secretary.

Article XXIII Schedule

§ C-148 Election to adopt Charter.

§ C-149 First election.

§ C-150 Effective date.

§ C-151 First meeting of Council.