Municipality of Murrysville, PA
Westmoreland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The executive power of the government of the Municipality shall be vested in a Mayor who shall be elected at large by the qualified electors of the Municipality.
The Mayor shall serve a two-year term commencing on the first Monday in January following election. A Mayor shall be elected at the Municipal Election held in November, 1977, and every two years thereafter.
No person shall serve as Mayor for more than four consecutive terms.
The initial compensation of the Mayor shall be $200 per month. Compensation of the Mayor shall be increased or decreased at the same time, in the same manner, and the same percentage as that of Council and subject to the same limitations set in Article V, § C-23.
The Mayor shall attend all meetings of Council and take part in the discussion and deliberations.
The Mayor shall approve or veto every ordinance or resolution, except those filling vacancies in offices of elected officials, as provided in Article XVII, § C-95.
The Mayor shall have the following powers and duties:
Preserve order in the Municipality.
Enforce all ordinances and regulations of the Municipality.
Sign all necessary papers, documents and contracts.
Appoint the Chief Administrator with Council's advice and consent.
Appoint Directors of Departments, considering recommendations of the Chief Administrator, with Council's advice and consent.
Present the annual budget and capital program to Council.
Present to Council an annual written report on the state of the Municipality.
Annually prepare and, after review and comment by Council, send a report to all homes in the Municipality which will recount the accomplishments of the preceding year, set forth the problems and prospects facing the community, and outline future plans for the Municipality.
Be recognized as the official head of the Municipality for all ceremonial purposes.
Act on emergencies using powers ordained by Council.
Have the authority to appoint and dissolve voluntary committees of interested citizens to assist and advise on issues and matters pertaining to the Mayor's office.
Exercise such additional powers and perform such additional duties as shall be mutually agreed upon by the Mayor and Council and which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter.
Whenever the Mayor is absent or incapacitated, the duties of the office shall be discharged by the President of Council, or in the absence or incapacity of the President of Council, by the Vice President of Council. The President or Vice President of Council when acting as Mayor shall have no power to veto any proposed ordinance or resolution but shall have power to vote as a Councilmember.
If a vacancy occurs in the office of Mayor, Council may appoint one of its members to fill the vacancy, and the Councilmember's seat shall be declared vacant. If no Councilmember wishes to accept such an appointment, Council shall fill the vacancy subject to qualifications for Mayor provided in this Charter.
The appointee shall serve for the unexpired term.
Council shall publish notice of such vacancy at least 14 days prior to filling same.