Municipality of Murrysville, PA
Westmoreland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Council shall organize on the first Monday of January of each year. At such time it shall elect one of its members as President and another of its members as Vice President, who shall hold those offices at the pleasure of Council. Council, at this time, shall also appoint a temporary Municipal Secretary when necessary. If the first Monday is a legal holiday, the meeting and organization shall take place on the first day following. If a quorum is not present, the organization meeting shall be held on the earliest succeeding day at which a quorum can be assembled. Council may transact any further business it deems necessary or appropriate at the organization meeting.
Council shall hold regular meetings at least twice a month on such day and at such time as Council shall determine and schedule. Council may adjourn to a stated time for general business or for special business. If no quorum is present at a regular or adjourned meeting, a majority of the Councilmembers who are present may agree upon another date and hour for a meeting, and Councilmembers so present may continue to so agree until a meeting can be held with a quorum in attendance.
Special meetings shall be called by the presiding officer of Council upon written request of three Councilmembers. Members shall have at least 24 hours'[1] notice of special meetings, unless waived. The notice shall contain a statement of the nature of the business to be considered. Presence at such special meeting constitutes waiver of notice.
Editor's Note: So in original.
All meetings of Council shall be open to the public and shall be conducted according to rules of procedure that shall be adopted by Council. Such rules shall be designed to assure full and equal participation in the deliberations of Council by all of its members.
Four Councilmembers shall constitute a quorum. Council shall conduct no business except in the presence of a quorum.
Official actions of Council shall be taken by adoption of an ordinance, a resolution, or a motion. All ordinances and resolutions must be in written form. All actions of a legislative character shall be taken by ordinance. All other actions of Council shall be by resolution or motion, unless otherwise required in this Charter. However, no such administrative action shall be void or otherwise adversely affected if it shall have been taken by ordinance.
All final action shall be by roll call vote, and the vote of each Councilmember shall be entered in the official minutes. If any Councilmember shall abstain from voting, the reason for abstention shall be stated and shall be noted in the official minutes.
No action of Council shall be effective except upon the affirmative vote of four Councilmembers.
Council shall cause minutes of all its proceedings to be made and preserved in accordance with applicable law. The minutes shall be public record.
Council shall provide for electronic recordings of all public meetings. These recordings shall be preserved for a period of one year and shall be public record.
The proposed agenda shall be forwarded to all Councilmembers, be available to the public 48 hours prior to the meeting and be posted at the Municipal Office. A brief statement of each subject to be considered shall be included as a part of the agenda. The agenda may be amended prior to the meeting for good cause.
Council shall provide reasonable opportunity for interested citizens and taxpayers to address Council on matters of general or special concern. This opportunity shall be afforded to the public at all Council meetings and at other meetings that may be set for this purpose. Citizen's comments shall be made a part of the official minutes.
Whenever a petition shall be presented to Council signed by a number of residents of the Municipality equal to at least 2% of the number of registered electors in the Municipality at the time of the most recent general or municipal election, as the case may be, requesting that Council consider and take action on the subject matter of the petition, it shall be the duty of Council to place the subject matter thereof on its agenda.
Action, pro or con, shall be taken by Council at a regular or special meeting within two months after receipt of the petition. The same subject matter shall not be presented to Council by petition pursuant to this section more often than one time in any period of two years.
All members appointed by Council to boards, commissions and authorities shall have been residents of the Municipality for at least six months prior to appointment and must remain residents during their terms of appointment. Council shall publish notice of all vacancies on any board, commission, or authority at least 14 days prior to filling such vacancy. Council shall adopt procedures for citizens to apply for such vacancies and shall keep a master list of citizens interested in such.
Provisions for removal of appointed officials shall be included in the Administrative Code.
Except as otherwise provided by applicable law, Council shall publish notice of all public hearings at least 14 days prior to such hearings and shall cause minutes of such hearings to be made and preserved.
All public records shall be open to inspection in the Municipal Office during regular business hours, and copies shall be available to any interested party at cost.