Town of Deerpark, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Deerpark as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building and fire prevention code administration — See Ch. 109.
Numbering of buildings — See Ch. 116.
Unsafe buildings — See Ch. 119.
[Adopted 4-2-2007 by L.L. No. 1-2007]
The purpose will be to regulate and identify truss-type construction within the Town of Deerpark, Orange County, New York so that the Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer and representatives of the Deerpark Fire Departments and Districts and other emergency responders will be aware of the truss-type structures within the Town.
The provisions of this article shall apply to the owner/occupant of any building or structure of truss-type construction as determined by the Building Inspector or his/her assistants.
Section 382-a of the Executive Law provides that commercial and industrial buildings and structures that utilize truss-type construction shall be marked by a sign or symbol that informs persons conducting fire control and other emergency operations of the existence of truss construction. Section 382-a further directs the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council to promulgate rules and regulations it deems necessary to carry into effect the provisions of the statute. This article establishes certain requirements pertaining to the identification of buildings and structures that utilize truss-type construction.
For the purpose of this article, the terms used herein are defined as follows:
Any structure having a roof support by columns or by walls and intended for the shelter, housing or enclosure of persons, animals or chattels.
Any person or individual or any firm, partnership, association, limited partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation or any other business entity or any government agency or entity.
A braced arrangement of steel or wood frame structures, that have a top and bottom chord with a series of interconnected web members, that are most often in a series of triangular shapes. This framework is able to span greater distances than would be possible with any of the individual members of their own.
Truss-type construction shall not include:
Individual wind or seismic bracing components which form triangles when diagonally connected to the main structural system; and
Structural components that utilize solid plate web members.
This article shall be enforced by the Building Inspector or his/her assistants.
Upon identification of a building of such a truss-type construction, the owner/occupant shall be notified by the Building Inspector of the requirements of this article in accordance with the Town Code of Deerpark.
The owner/occupant will be required to permanently affix a Deerpark approved reflective truss construction identification logo on the building. The identification logos shall be installed between four and six feet high, in a readily visible area determined by the Building Inspector.
The truss logo must be maintained as such, as not to be obstructed from view in any manner. Truss logos are to be in place prior to certificate of occupancy approval. The initial identification logos will be supplied by the Building Inspector.
The owner/occupant shall be required to maintain the approved identification logo at the designated locations on the building. Missing or damaged identification logos shall be reported to the Building Inspector immediately. Replacement costs shall be the responsibility of the owner/occupant. Replacements must be made within 10 days of written notice from the Building Inspector. Approved logos are available from the Building Department.
It shall be the responsibility of the Building Inspector or his/her assistants to maintain a record of buildings that have affixed logos and their location on the building. Upon certificate of occupancy certification, it shall be the responsibility of the Building Inspector to forward a report of the new building bearing the logo to the Deerpark Fire Departments and Districts.
Subdivision 4 of § 382-a of the Executive Law directs local governments to provide for enforcement of the statute. Enforcement of § 382-a of the Executive Law shall include enforcement of the provisions of this article.
Signs shall be affixed where a building or a portion thereof is classified as Group A, B, E, F, H, I, M, or S occupancy, and in hotels and motels classified as Group R-1 or R-2 occupancy, in accordance with the provisions for the classification of buildings set forth in Chapter 3 of the Building Code of New York State (see 19 NYCRR Part 1221).
Signs shall be provided in newly constructed buildings that utilize truss-type construction and in existing buildings where an addition that extends or increases the floor area of the building utilizes truss-type construction. Signs shall be affixed prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or a certificate of compliance.
Fees shall be as follows:
Initial identification and marking fee: no fee to the owner/occupant.
Replacement logos: $15. The Town Board has the discretion to waive this fee for nonprofit and charitable organizations.
Penalties shall be assessed in accordance with the Town Code of Deerpark.