Township of Bernards, NJ
Somerset County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
SECTION BH:9-1 Title and Policy

§ BH:9-1.1 Title.

§ BH:9-1.2 Findings and Declaration of Policy.

SECTION BH:9-2 Definitions

§ BH:9-2.1 Meaning of Certain Words.

SECTION BH:9-3 Prohibition of Air Pollution

§ BH:9-3.1 Emissions Causing Air Pollution Prohibited; Economic Poisons.

SECTION BH:9-4 Prohibition of Open Burning

§ BH:9-4.1 Salvage Operations.

§ BH:9-4.2 Disposal of Rubbish and Other Waste.

§ BH:9-4.3 Disposal of Plant Life.

§ BH:9-4.4 Exceptions.

SECTION BH:9-5 Prohibition of Smoke from Combustion of Fuel

§ BH:9-5.1 Restrictions on Indirect Heat Exchangers.

§ BH:9-5.2 Duration of Visibility of Smoke.

§ BH:9-5.3 Exceptions.

§ BH:9-5.4 Facilities for Indirect Heat Exchangers.

SECTION BH:9-6 Standards for Emission of Solid Particles

§ BH:9-6.1 Restrictions on Emission of Solid Particles.

§ BH:9-6.2 Exceptions.

SECTION BH:9-7 Regulation of Stacks and Chimneys

§ BH:9-7.1 Information to be Submitted.

§ BH:9-7.2 Exception.

SECTION BH:9-8 Regulation of Operation and Installation of Incinerators

§ BH:9-8.1 Hours of Operation.

§ BH:9-8.2 Abatement of Unsafe Incinerators.

§ BH:9-8.3 Smoke Restrictions.

§ BH:9-8.4 Emissions of Short Duration.

§ BH:9-8.5 Emission of Large, Visible Particles.

§ BH:9-8.6 Noxious Odors.

SECTION BH:9-9 Director of Air Pollution Control

§ BH:9-9.1 Director Appointed; Enforcement.

SECTION BH:9-10 Inspections and Right-of-Entry

§ BH:9-10.1 Emergency Inspections.

§ BH:9-10.2 Air Pollution Emergencies.

§ BH:9-10.3 Interference with Inspection.

§ BH:9-10.4 Search Warrant or Access Warrant.

§ BH:9-10.5 Regular Inspections During Business Hours; Inspections Other Than During Business Hours.

SECTION BH:9-11 Penalties

§ BH:9-11.1 Violations and Penalties.

§ BH:9-11.2 Separate Violations.

SECTION BH:9-12 Construction and Severability

§ BH:9-12.1 Construal of Provisions.

§ BH:9-12.2 Severability.

§ BH:9-12.3 Statutory Authority.