Township of Bloomfield, NJ
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 11-19-1962 as Ch. 26, Art. IV, and Sec. 17-25 of the 1962 Code (Ch. 230, Art. VII, of the 1987 Code)]
No person shall encumber or obstruct any street or public place in the Township with any article or thing whatsoever, without having first obtained permission therefor from the Building Inspector.
No person shall throw, put or place or cause or permit to be thrown put or placed into, upon or within any public street or place any substance, matter or thing whatsoever whereby the safe, free or unobstructed use of the same by the public may be in anywise impeded and interfered with.
No person shall break, injure or destroy any lamppost or appurtenances thereon standing in any public street or place.
No person shall place or put in, upon or over any street or any part thereof any post sign, porch, shed or awning of any kind whatsoever, except under permission of the Building Inspector.
Nothing in this section shall be deemed to prohibit the continuance of any post sign, porch, shed or awning heretofore placed, built or erected, unless the same shall be complained of to the Township Council and it is made to appear that the free and convenient use of any street by the public or adjoining owners of property is interfered with or obstructed, in which case the same shall be removed within 10 days after notice from the Council to so do.
No person shall engage in the playing of baseball, cricket or any game of ball in any of the streets in the Township.
No person shall carelessly or willfully break, injure or destroy any curb, gutter, bridge, stone or flagging set, laid or fixed in any public street in the Township.
[Amended 8-8-1988]
All persons are forbidden to throw rubbish, refuse or any other matter into or upon any of the sidewalks, gutters or streets within the Township.
The Township shall require litter receptacles and their servicing at the following public places which exist in the municipality; sidewalks used by pedestrians in active commercially zoned areas, such that at a minimum there shall be no single linear quarter mile without a receptacle; buildings held out for use by the public, including schools, government buildings and railroad and bus stations; parks; drive-in restaurants; all street vendor locations; self-service refreshment areas; construction sites; gasoline service station islands; shopping centers; parking lots; campgrounds and trailer parks; marinas, boat moorage and fueling stations; boat launching areas; public and private piers operated for public use; beaches and bathing areas; and at special events to which the public is invited, including sporting events, parades, carnivals, circuses and festivals. The proprietors of these places or the sponsors of these events shall be responsible for providing and servicing the receptacles such that adequate containerization is available.
All persons carting manure or other offal, stones or any other substance through and over the streets of the Township shall keep the same securely confined so as to prevent any such manure or offal, stones or other substance from falling or becoming scattered upon the streets over which the same may be carted, and the falling or scattering of any such material so carted upon any of the streets of the Township shall be presumptive evidence of failure to comply with the provisions of this section.
No person shall kindle any fire on any public street of the Township, nor shall be burn or consume by fire any rubbish, wood, leaves or other material of any kind at any time within the fire limits of the Township.
[Added 7-19-1965; amended 11-21-1994]
Skate operations. A person under 15 years of age shall not ride upon in-line skates, roller blades, roller skates, skateboards or similar devices on any public street, public sidewalk, public park, playground or public parking lot within the Township of Bloomfield unless that person is wearing a properly fitted and fastened helmet which meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z-90.4 bicycle helmet standard) or the Snell Memorial Foundation's "1984 Standard for Protective Head Gear to Use in Bicycling," or a helmet which is designed specifically for use with a particular device being used, and kneepads.
Violations and penalties. A person who violates any requirement of this section shall be warned of the violation by the enforcing official. The parent or legal guardian of that person also may be fined a maximum of $25 for the person's first offense and a maximum of $100 for subsequent offenses if it can be shown that the parent or guardian failed to exercise reasonable supervision or control over the person's conduct. Penalties provided in this section for failure to wear a helmet and kneepads may be waived if an offender or the parent or legal guardian presents suitable proof that an approved helmet and kneepads were owned at the time of the violation or have been purchased since the violation occurred.
No vehicle shall be parked or permitted to stand on any street for the purpose of sale, nor shall any person clean any vehicle or repair the same in any street, except in case of emergency.
[Added 11-2-1987; amended 11-21-1994[1]]
Any person who violates any provision of this article shall, unless designated otherwise, be subject to a penalty as provided by § 1-15, General penalty, of this Code.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I.