City of Bangor, ME
Penobscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Approved by the qualified voters of the City of Bangor at referendum 11-2-2010.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Editor's Note: This Charter supersedes the former City of Bangor Charter, adopted as Chapter 54, Private and Special Laws of 1931, as amended by Private and Special Laws of the state and subsequently amended by the City of Bangor.
Article I Grant of Powers to the City

Art. I. Sec. 1 Corporate Existence Retained.

Article II City Council

Art. II. Sec. 1 Powers and Duties.

Art. II. Sec. 2 Composition, Election, Tenure of Office, etc.

Art. II. Sec. 3 Chair.

Art. II. Sec. 4 Regular Meetings and Qualifications.

Art. II. Sec. 5 Special Meetings.

Art. II. Sec. 6 Quorum.

Art. II. Sec. 7 Procedure.

Article III School Committee

Art. III. Sec. 1 Powers and Duties.

Art. III. Sec. 2 Composition, Election, Tenure of Office.

Art. III. Sec. 2.1 Term Limitation.

Art. III. Sec. 3 Chair.

Art. III. Sec. 4 Oath of Office.

Article IV Code of Ethics

Art. IV. Sec. 1 Protecting Government Integrity.

Art. IV. Sec. 2 Ordinance.

Article V Initiative and Referendum

Art. V. Sec. 1 Power of City Council.

Art. V. Sec. 2 How Invoked.

Art. V. Sec. 3 Effect of Referendum Petition.

Art. V. Sec. 4 Result of Election.

Art. V. Sec. 5 Effect of Enactment.

Art. V. Sec. 6 Further Regulations.

Article VI Nominations and Elections

Art. VI. Sec. 1 Date of Elections and Procedure to Determine Results.

Art. VI. Sec. 2 Vacancies.

Art. VI. Sec. 3 Nominations for Elective Officers to be Made by Petition.

Art. VI. Sec. 4 Form of Nomination Paper.

Art. VI. Sec. 5 Filing Nomination Papers; Acceptances of Nominations Must be Filed.

Art. VI. Sec. 6 List of Candidates to be Published.

Art. VI. Sec. 7 Ballots, etc., to be Prepared by the City Clerk.

Art. VI. Sec. 8 Contents and Form of Ballot.

Art. VI. Sec. 9 Sample Ballots.

Art. VI. Sec. 10 State Election Laws.

Art. VI. Sec. 11 Recall.

Art. VI. Sec. 12 Wardens and Ward Clerks.

Article VII Administrative Officers

Art. VII. Sec. 1 Titles and Appointment.

Art. VII. Sec. 2 Power of Council with Regard to Appointive Officers and Boards.

Art. VII. Sec. 3 Term of Service.

Art. VII. Sec. 4 Compensation of Officers.

Art. VII. Sec. 5 Appointment and Qualifications of the City Manager.

Art. VII. Sec. 6 Powers and Duties of the City Manager.

Art. VII. Sec. 7 Substitute.

Art. VII. Sec. 8 Duties of Administrative Officers other than Manager.

Art. VII. Sec. 9 Assessor of Taxes.

Art. VII. Sec. 10 Director of Health and Community Services.

Art. VII. Sec. 11 Trustees of Sophia Kirstein Student Loan Fund.

Art. VII. Sec. 12 Trustees of the Hersey Fund.

Art. VII. Sec. 13 Policies for Police and Fire Departments.

Article VIII Business and Financial Provisions

Art. VIII. Sec. 1 Accounts and Records.

Art. VIII. Sec. 2 Annual Audit.

Art. VIII. Sec. 3 Bonds of Officers.

Art. VIII. Sec. 4 Collection and Custody of City Moneys.

Art. VIII. Sec. 5 Purchasing of Supplies.

Art. VIII. Sec. 6 Payments.

Art. VIII. Sec. 7 Budget.

Art. VIII. Sec. 8 Budget Changes.

Art. VIII. Sec. 9 Transfers.

Art. VIII. Sec. 10 Additional Appropriations.

Art. VIII. Sec. 11 Emergency Appropriation.

Art. VIII. Sec. 12 Borrowing.

Art. VIII. Sec. 13 Issue of Bonds and Notes.

Art. VIII. Sec. 14 Revenue Bonds and Notes.

Art. VIII. Sec. 15 Temporary Loans.

Art. VIII. Sec. 16 Unassigned Fund Balance.

Art. VIII. Sec. 17 Credit Reserve Fund.

Art. VIII. Sec. 18 Other Reserve Funds.

Art. VIII. Sec. 19 Voter referendum required for certain City Council action.

Article IX Miscellaneous Provisions

Art. IX. Sec. 1 Members of the City Council Ineligible for Certain Offices.