City of Saratoga Springs, NY
Saratoga County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Approved by a majority of the qualified voters of the City of Saratoga Springs at referendum 11-6-2001. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Established as a City in 1915, Saratoga Springs has a rich and unique heritage. Residents and visitors cherish the beauty and history of the City and its diverse surroundings.
The citizens of Saratoga Springs freely offer their energies, ideas, and time to the City. As stewards of Saratoga Springs' wellbeing, they express their commitment by proactively ensuring that this is a special place to live, work, play, and raise families.
This Charter:
Describes a government its citizens can understand, and welcomes participation and cooperation to continue its tradition of being accountable to the people Respects the shared commitment to protect the area's natural beauty and open spaces while promoting thoughtful and progressive development Honors the community's past and present successes while judiciously permitting needed change.
Statement of Purpose
This Charter provides the legal framework for operating the government in the City of Saratoga Springs. It is the legal document that governs the operation of the City. The purpose of this Charter is to help the public servants and citizens of Saratoga Springs identify and meet City needs as they evolve. The Charter clarifies goals and requirements for City officials, and provides sufficient flexibility to adapt to future needs and opportunities. This Charter has been crafted to:
Provide elected and appointed officials with tools and resources to perform their duties effectively
Define clearly the duties and responsibilities of City officials Provide citizens with access to timely, accurate, and complete information about City business and City finances
Develop a comprehensive process for preparing and administering City budgets, and for the inventory, management, financing, and replacement of the City infrastructure
Deliver City programs and services efficiently, affordably, and cost-effectively
Encourage opportunities for cooperation, and reduce potential for conflict, among City offices and between the City and other governmental entities
Enhance and improve the quality of long-range planning and implementation of City plans
Create frameworks for performing important functions that previous Charters could not foresee
Unify City grant and loan applications and management
Promote government efficiency in programs and services Require regular reviews of important City plans, including this Charter.
Ca CHA App A Annual Time Line Cb CHA App B Glossary
TITLE 1 Short Title; Territories; General City Powers; Severability

1.1 Short title.

1.2 Territories.

1.3 General City powers; liabilities; construction.

1.4 Severability.

TITLE 2 City Council, Supervisors, Deputies, and Employees

2.1 Officers; eligibility; terms of office; salaries.

2.2 City Council and powers.

2.3 Supervisors.

2.4 Vacancies.

2.5 Civil Service Commission.

2.6 Deputies and employees.

2.7 Code of Ethics.

2.8 Removal from office.

TITLE 3 The Mayor

3.1 Capital Program.

3.2 Human Resources Administrator.

3.3 Administrator of Parks, Open Lands, and Historic Preservation.

3.4 Recreation Commission.

3.5 Planning and Economic Development.

3.6 Building Inspector; Zoning and Building Inspector.

3.7 Public information.

TITLE 4 The Commissioner of Finance

4.1 Tax Collector.

4.2 Custodian of City monies.

4.3 Keeper of City financial records.

4.4 Budget content, preparation, and administration.

4.5 Construction with Local Finance Law.

TITLE 5 The Commissioner of Public Works

5.1 Streets and highways.

5.2 Buildings and grounds.

5.3 Utilities.

5.4 Office of the City Engineer.

TITLE 6 The Commissioner of Public Safety

6.1 Police Department.

6.2 Fire Department.

6.3 Emergency planning.

TITLE 7 The Commissioner of Accounts

7.1 City Clerk.

7.2 City Assessor.

7.3 City Purchasing Agent.

TITLE 8 Legal Matters

8.1 City Attorney.

8.2 Service of papers on the City.

8.3 Notice of injury.

8.4 Condemnation; acquisition and sale of City property.

TITLE 9 Ordinances and Local Laws

9.1 Enactment of Ordinances.

9.2 Enactment of local laws.

9.3 Recording and proof.

9.4 Publication and effective date.

9.5 Repeal and amendment.

TITLE 10 Public Works and Local Improvements; Water and Sewer Rates

10.1 Public works and local improvements paid by tax.

10.2 Local improvements paid by special assessment.

10.3 Change of grades.

10.4 Discontinuance of highways.

10.5 Expenses added to assessments.

TITLE 11 Tax Districts; Bonding Limits; Contracts; Assessments, Taxes, and User Fees; Reserve Funds

11.1 Tax Districts.

11.2 Limitation on Amount of Local Indebtedness Which May be Contracted.

11.3 Limitations on amount to be raised by real estate taxes.

11.4 Apportionment of taxes.

11.5 Water and sewer rates.

11.6 Contracts.

11.7 Reserve Fund for recreational development.

TITLE 12 Elections

12.1 Election Districts.

12.2 Primaries and municipal elections.

12.3 Election of City officers.

TITLE 13 Miscellaneous Provisions

13.1 Franchises.

13.2 City property.

13.3 Official newspapers.

13.4 Open meetings.

TITLE 14 Effect of Charter on Existing Laws

14.1 Repeal of 1915 Charter.

14.2 Continuation of City officers and employees.

14.3 Effective date of the Charter.

14.4 Transition to the new Charter.