Town of Ellington, CT
Tolland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Nomination and election of federal and state officers and of such elected town officers, boards, and commissions as are provided for in this Charter shall be conducted, and the Registrars of Voters shall prepare lists of electors qualified to vote therefore, in the manner prescribed in the Constitution and the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut.
A meeting of the electors of the Town of Ellington for the election of municipal officers shall be held on the 8th day of November 1977 and biennially thereafter on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November.
No person shall be eligible for election to any town office who is not at the time of his or her election an elector of said town, as defined by Section 9-1 of the General Statutes, as amended, and any person ceasing to be an elector of said town shall thereupon cease to hold elective office in the town.
Minority representation on any elective board, commission, committee or similar body of the town, shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 9-167a of the General Statutes, as amended.
When any regular or special municipal election, primary election, or referendum conducted pursuant to the provisions of this Charter results in a tie, an adjourned election shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 9-332 of the General Statutes, as amended, to determine who shall be elected, or in the case of a question at referendum whether it shall be accepted or rejected. This provision shall not apply to questions at referendum which, under the provisions of this Charter or of the General Statutes, require more than a simple majority of electors voting in favor of such questions.
Unless otherwise provided by law, any vacancy, in any elective town office, including the Board of Education, but excluding the First Selectman, shall be filled within 30 days of such vacancy by appointment of the Board of Selectmen, to serve for the unexpired portion of the term of the elective office so filled.
[Amended 11-5-2002; 11-6-2018]
If a vacancy shall occur in the office of First Selectman, the duly elected Deputy First Selectman shall serve as acting First Selectman, receiving appropriate compensation. The Board of Selectmen will call for a special election to be held within sixty (60) days of this vacancy. Should said vacancy occur less than one hundred and sixty-one (161) days before the end of the term, the Deputy First Selectman shall complete the term, and no special election will be held. The ensuing vacancy on the Board of Selectmen shall be filled pursuant to subsection (a) of this section.
Any such vacancy, except for the First Selectman, shall be filled by the appointment of a member of the same political party as the person vacating the office in the event said person was affiliated with or endorsed by a political party, or by the appointment of an unaffiliated member if the office is vacated by an unaffiliated member. (Section 9-167a [Section g] of General Statutes, as amended.)[1]
Editors Note: Former Subsection (d), regarding regular elections before the expiration of a vacant term, was repealed 11-6-2018.
The Town Clerk, or any Assistants, and the Registrars of Voters, or any Deputies, shall constitute the Board of Admission of Electors in accordance with the provisions of Section 9-15a of the General Statutes, as amended.
Unless otherwise established by ordinance, there shall be two (2) voting districts in the town.