Town of Ellington, CT
Tolland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Water Pollution Control Authority of the Town of Ellington 6-23-1998. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Sewers — See Ch. 143.
Crystal Lake Sewerage System — See Ch. 305.
Hockanum River Watershed Sewerage System— See Ch. 320.
User charges — See Ch. 330.
The purpose of this chapter is to establish procedures for the extension of the sewer lines for the Hockanum Sewer System and the Crystal Lake Sewer System. To gain approval for construction, the applicant should also refer to the Town of Ellington's Sewer Ordinance[1] and Drain Layers' Manual for additional requirements.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 143, Art. II, Sewer Construction and Use.
The applicant will submit a formal notification (i.e., application and key map of location) to the WPCA for its conceptual approval with a nonrefundable fee of $100. The applicant will complete the number of units and average daily flow.
The WPCA or its agent will review the application, and, upon acceptance, an approval letter will be issued by the WPCA to the applicant.
The applicant will submit to the WPCA three copies of the design documents, including the applicable fee (review fee) to cover the cost of the review. The review fee will only be an estimate of the anticipated review costs. The amount will be specified in the approval letter.
Upon acceptance by the WPCA's Engineer and the Water Pollution Control Authority, five copies of all plans, specifications, and reports will be submitted by the applicant to the WPCA for approval.
An approval letter listing the conditions will be distributed and designed documents as follows:
One copy retained by WPCA.
One copy to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
One copy to the Director of Public Works.
One copy to the Building Official.
Upon approval of the design documents submitted, the Ellington WPCA and applicant will enter into a developer's agreement for construction.
A developer's agreement shall also include inspection fees, legal fees, and engineering fees estimated and required in advance. If money is left from the review fee, it will be credited to the developer's fees. If costs exceed the estimate, the developer will be required to pay, and if costs are lower, the money will be returned to the developer.
Attached is the checklist attachment to the developer's agreement.[1]
Editor's Note: The checklist attachment is on file at the office of the Water Pollution Control Authority.
Prior to the start of construction, a preconstruction meeting will be arranged by the Public Works Director. The WPCA Engineer, WPCA Administrator, Building Inspector, and Town Planner will attend this meeting if the project's size or complexity justifies participation.
During construction, full inspection will be provided by the Ellington WPCA staff and Town Engineer.
The inspector will fill out daily inspection reports and will file copies with the Town Engineer and Building Inspector.
Ellington's WPCA staff, the Public Works Director, Town Engineer and Building Inspector will inspect the project upon its completion. If all facilities have been installed to specification, a notice of substantial completion will be prepared and submitted to the applicant indicating any additional work requirements and requesting the submission of an as-built drawing of the completed facilities.
Three copies of the as-built drawings will be submitted to the Ellington WPCA within 30 days. For the following Town Engineer, Public Works Director and WPCA:
All buildings shall be shown in proper scale and location.
All correct invert elevations, top of manhole from elevations and stationing of manholes shall be shown to scale.
Each wye shall be stationed and shown on plans to scale.
All building connection laterals shall be shown on the plan to scale and shall be tied by three dimensions on the plan. Below sill or below ground depth shall be shown.
Chimneys shall be shown on cross section.
Size of pipe, type of pipe material, slope or grade, and length of each manhole-to-manhole pipe run shall be indicated.
Areas having additional bedding, temporary sheeting or permanent sheeting shall be shown. Any concrete encasement shall be shown.
A bench mark shall be referred to on each drawing.
Drawings shall be indicated as "revised to an as-built," dated and initialed by a registered professional engineer.
The Town-engineered as-built drawings shall be on reproducible Mylar with a plan scale of one inch to 40 inches and profile scale of one inch to 40 inches horizontal, one inch to four inches vertical. The drawings shall be 24 inches to 30 inches.
Upon satisfactory completion of all the checklist items and receipt of acceptable Mylar as-builts, with copies for the WPCA, Public Works Director, WPCA Van, and Building Inspector, the Town Engineer will issue a notice of final acceptance to the developer to the Ellington WPCA.
Upon acceptance by the WPCA, a final accounting will be made to have all fees paid. Any money left on the account will be returned to the applicant. If money is owed, the WPCA will require payment to be made within 30 days. The reduction of the performance bond will not be approved until all outstanding fees are paid in full.