Town of Albion, NY
Orleans County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Albion 10-20-2008 by L.L. No. 4-2008. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Alcohol policy — See Ch. 4.
Defense and indemnification — See Ch. 11.
Code of Ethics — See Ch. 15.
Progressive discipline — See Ch. 17.
Harassment policy — See Ch. 19.
Officers and employees — See Ch. 25.
013a Local Law
The rules listed in this policy are to establish a standard of acceptable behavior to ensure delivery of Town services to the community.
The orderly and efficient operation of Town business and its diverse services requires that all employees observe certain minimum standards of behavior and performance. Ultimately, the purpose of government is to protect the health, safety and welfare if its residents.
The rules listed below are to ensure proper conduct by all employees so that employees' health and safety are protected, delivery of necessary services is not interrupted, and Town and personal property are protected.
Department heads shall ensure that the procedure set forth in this policy is followed by their department staff.
All Town employees, officers, and elected and appointed officials are required to read this policy and sign an acknowledgement of the Rules of Conduct annually. The acknowledgement is archived in the employee's personnel file by his/her department head.
We believe that you'll find the rules reasonable and easy to follow. However, some will fail to follow the rules. Therefore, unsatisfactory work performance or violation of rules is likely to result in disciplinary action. Wherever it appears in this handbook, the term "disciplinary action" shall mean "disciplinary action up to and including termination."
The Town of Albion Policy Committee shall maintain this policy.
The Town of Albion endorses the policy of progressive discipline. Normal steps in this process are verbal warning documented in writing and acknowledged by both parties, written warning, suspension from duty, and finally discharge. The policy of progressive discipline does not necessarily apply for a number of the more-serious violations or offenses, where immediate discharge, in line with due process, may be required.
General work rules that apply in Town units are listed below. The list is not all-inclusive, because no list of rules can cover every possible situation.
The following acts are prohibited and are likely to result in disciplinary action:
Fighting, provoking a fight or disorderly conduct of any kind and horseplay of any type. Employees shall not engage in fighting with other employees; the aggressor will be reprimanded.
Sale of or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal or illicit substances on Town premises. Medical prescriptions shall be used for the purpose intended and only by the person prescribed.
Reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The employee shall be sent home. The employee will not be paid for that day.
Additionally, employees and officials shall not drink alcoholic beverages during working hours and shall not be allowed to park Town vehicles in front of establishments that serve alcoholic beverages unless on Town business.
Immoral or unethical conduct or indecency of any kind.
Conviction of a crime that relates to or could affect the performance of his/her duties.
Abusive, threatening or discourteous treatment or language toward/to any fellow employee, supervisor or member of the public or any other conduct that does not warrant public trust. Employees and officials shall not use abusive, vulgar, or profane language any time, either with communication devices or in conversation with residents or other employees.
Willful violation of safety rules and practices, including failure to use safety equipment.
Insubordination or failure to follow the reasonable direction or order of a supervisor. Even if you have reservations concerning a specific order or direction, carry it out as directed, unless doing so would create a definite health hazard to self or another or would result in dishonesty. If, after having carried out the order/direction, you still seriously question its appropriateness, file a grievance concerning the action and have the matter settled through appropriate channels. All employees represented by a bargaining unit shall follow the grievance procedure defined in their bargaining unit contract.
Deliberately restricting work output or interfering with the work performed by your department or that performed by others.
Destruction or theft of property, tools or equipment belonging either to the Town or to any other employee or person.
Falsification of or making any inaccurate material change in any Town record or any letter or document submitted to the Town, including but not limited to records or time sheets.
Failure to report to work without authorization for extension after expiration of an approved leave.
Unauthorized use and/or removal of Town property, materials, tools, equipment, records, or any other materials from Town premises is considered a violation of the Town's Private Use of Public Assets Policy.
Unauthorized possession of firearms, weapons, or explosives, either on the employee's person or on Town property. The Town premises are weapons-free.
Soliciting or accepting any financial or nonfinancial reward in return for special consideration in the purchase or providing of goods or services or awarding of any contract.
Leaving the work area during working hours without permission of the supervisor.
The circulation of malicious and slanderous rumors, documents, or remarks concerning any employee, Town government, its services, or the Town's bargaining agents.
Gambling in any form on Town premises.
Posting or distributing of any material on Town property without Town permission; alteration, defacing or removal of authorized notices appearing on Town bulletin boards.
Performing conduct of other than incidental personal business during working hours.
Unreasonable number of absences, failure to report absences, or any unauthorized absence. Employees must call before starting time if they are unable to come to work. A doctor's certificate will be required if you are absent for sickness more than three days (pending negotiation with bargaining unit).
Repeated and excessive tardiness.
Sleeping during working hours.
Failure to complete incident and accident reports as required.
Unlocking, entering or breaking into an unauthorized area or space.
Soliciting tips or gratuities from the public or Town residents.
Harassment of any kind or retaliation against any Town employee or other individual having business with the Town.
Failure to work scheduled overtime (pending negotiation with bargaining unit).
The following are rules of proper conduct:
Employees shall report for work on time and be ready to work when their shift begins.
Employees shall be allowed two fifteen-minute rest periods: one in the morning, and the other in the afternoon. Personal use of Town equipment during this rest period is not permitted. Repeated unauthorized extension of rest breaks or lunch periods is not permitted (pending negotiation with bargaining unit).
Employees must notify their immediate supervisor if absent two successive working days. Lack of notification will be considered voluntary termination (pending negotiation with bargaining unit).
Employees shall be allowed to smoke except in prohibited areas.
Employees shall maintain conduct towards residents or their representatives that will effect continued good relations in the best interests of the Town.
Employees shall follow the Code of Ethics covering officers and employees of the Town of Albion pursuant to Article 18, § 806, of the General Municipal Law.[1]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 15, Ethics, Code of.
Failure to abide by the above requirements of the Town of Albion leads to review by the immediate supervisor and/or the Town Board and may result in suspension or dismissal.