Town of Wells, ME
York County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of Wells as approved 11-4-2008. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Article I Grant of Powers to the Town

Sec. 1.01 Incorporation.

Sec. 1.02 Construction.

Sec. 1.03 Intergovernmental relations.

Article II Board of Selectmen

Sec. 2.01 Officers.

Sec. 2.02 Composition and eligibility.

Sec. 2.03 Compensation and expenses.

Sec. 2.04 Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Sec. 2.05 General powers and duties.

Sec. 2.06 Enumeration of powers.

Sec. 2.07 Induction of Selectmen into office.

Sec. 2.08 Judge of qualifications.

Sec. 2.09 Procedure.

Sec. 2.10 Prohibitions.

Sec. 2.11 Vacancy; forfeiture of office; filling of vacancies.

Sec. 2.12 Action requiring an ordinance from the Board of Selectmen.

Sec. 2.13 Ordinances in general.

Sec. 2.14 Emergency ordinances.

Sec. 2.15 Codes of technical regulations.

Sec. 2.16 Authentication and recording; codification; printing.

Article III Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Sec. 3.01 Appointments; interview by Selectmen; records of appointment.

Sec. 3.02 Boards, commissions, and committees whose members must be residents.

Sec. 3.03 Boards, commissions, and committees whose members need not be residents:

Sec. 3.04 Prohibited simultaneous membership.

Sec. 3.05 Terms.

Sec. 3.06 Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and recording secretary.

Article IV Recall of Elected Officials

Sec. 4.01 Applicability.

Sec. 4.02 Petition by voters.

Sec. 4.03 Petition procedure; procedure after filing.

Sec. 4.04 Calling of election.

Sec. 4.05 Form of ballot.

Sec. 4.06 Count of ballot.

Sec. 4.07 Limitation on recall.

Article V Town Manager

Sec. 5.01 Appointment; qualification; compensation.

Sec. 5.02 Powers and duties of the Town Manager.

Sec. 5.03 Vacancy in the Office of Town Manager.

Sec. 5.04 Removal of the Town Manager.

Article VI Administrative Departments

Sec. 6.01 Direction by Town Manager.

Sec. 6.02 Personnel system.

Sec. 6.03 Personnel Advisory Committee.

Article VII Financial Procedures

Sec. 7.01 Fiscal Year.

Sec. 7.02 Submission of proposed budget and budget message.

Sec. 7.03 Proposed budget message.

Sec. 7.04 Proposed budget.

Sec. 7.05 Form of budget articles.

Sec. 7.06 Capital Improvement Program.

Sec. 7.07 Board of Selectmen action on proposed budget.

Sec. 7.08 Adoption of Town budget.

Sec. 7.09 Bond issues; ballots.

Sec. 7.10 Public records.

Sec. 7.11 Amendments after adoption.

Sec. 7.12 Lapse of appropriations.

Sec. 7.13 Administration of budget.

Sec. 7.14 Independent annual audit.

Article VIII Tax Administration

Sec. 8.01 Assessor.

Sec. 8.02 Payment of taxes.

Sec. 8.03 Board of Assessment Review.

Article IX Budget Committee

Sec. 9.01 Budget Committee.

Sec. 9.02 Responsibilities of the Budget Committee.

Sec. 9.03 Budget Committee's review process.

Article X Planning

Sec. 10.01 Planning Board

Sec. 10.02 Comprehensive Plan.

Sec. 10.03 Zoning Ordinance.

Sec. 10.04 Zoning Board of Appeals.

Article XI Nominations, Elections, and Town Meetings

Sec. 11.01 Elected officials.

Sec. 11.02 Municipal elections.

Sec. 11.03 Nominations.

Sec. 11.03 Conduct of elections.

Sec. 11.04 Election officials.

Sec. 11.05 Town Meeting.

Article XII Initiative and Referendum

Sec. 12.01 Petition for enactment of ordinances.

Sec. 12.02 Repeat petitions.

Sec. 12.03 Petition for overrule of ordinance of Board of Selectmen.

Sec. 12.04 Form of ballot.

Article XIII General Provisions

Sec. 13.01 Financial conflict of interest.

Sec. 13.02 Code of Ethics.

Sec. 13.03 Prohibited conduct.

Sec. 13.04 Summons before Board of Selectmen.

Sec. 13.05 Oath of office.

Article XIV Transitional Provisions

Sec. 14.01 Repealing clause.

Sec. 14.02 Separability.

Sec. 14.03 Short title.

Sec. 14.04 Expiration of terms of present elected officials.

Sec. 14.05 Officers and employees.

Sec. 14.06 Pending matters.

Sec. 14.07 Municipal laws.

Sec. 14.08 Effective date.