Town of Dalton, MA
Berkshire County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 6-23-2008 STM by Art. 8, approved 10-1-2008]
It was moved, seconded and voted that the Town accept the renumbering and revision of the various bylaws of the Town from their original numbering or their numbering in the Bylaws to the numbering or codification, arrangement, sequence and captions and the comprehensive revisions to the text of the bylaws as set forth in the Final Draft of the Code of the Town of Dalton, dated May 2007, said codification having been done under the direction of the Select Board and Town Counsel, and said Code being a compilation and comprehensive revision of the present bylaws of the Town. All bylaws of a general and permanent nature, as amended, heretofore in force and not included in the Code shall be repealed, except bylaws adopted and approved on and after May 7, 2007, and except that such repeal shall not affect any suit or proceeding pending as the result of an existing law, and such repeal shall not apply to or affect any bylaw, order or article heretofore adopted accepting or adopting the provisions of any statute of the commonwealth. These bylaws shall be referred to as the "Code of the Town of Dalton, Massachusetts."
[Added 10-18-2010 STM by Art. 7]
Nonsubstantive changes to the numbering of the various bylaws within the Code of the Town of Dalton shall be permitted in order that the numbering of amendments thereto and other consequent renumbering changes resulting therefrom be in compliance with the numbering format of said Code.