Borough of Coopersburg, PA
Lehigh County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Borough Council of the Borough of Coopersburg as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Firemen's Relief Association — See Ch. 33.
[Adopted 2-5-1906 by Ord. No. 50 (Ch. 1, Part 9A of the 1996 Code)]
[Amended 4-23-1996 by Ord. No. 509]
The Coopersburg Fire Company No. 1, and such other hose and fire companies as may hereafter be recognized by Borough Council, shall constitute the Coopersburg Fire Department, and the said company shall annually, at their stated meetings held in October, elect one man as Chief to serve for one year, and one man as Assistant Chief to serve for one year, and six fire police to serve for one year. The fire policemen shall be sworn in by the Mayor.
The election of Chief and Assistant Chief by the companies shall be subject to the approval of the Borough Council. The Chief and Assistant Chief may be removed at any time at the pleasure of the Council by a 2/3 vote. Or, should a vacancy occur at any time, the Council shall immediately appoint a Chief or Assistant Chief by the recommendation of the fire company or companies to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term.
It shall be the duty of the Chief to attend all fires and alarms, superintend and direct the operation of the several companies of the Department. He shall have full control of all the men and apparatus, issue and enforce all such orders as in his judgment may be calculated for the protection of property, the extinguishment of fires and the welfare of the Department. He shall enforce all the rules and regulations of the Department and the Borough ordinances pertaining thereto. He shall annually in the month of September report to Council a full statement of the condition of the Department during the year, together with a statement of all the fires occurring during the year, the origin of the same, of property destroyed and insurance thereon, if any. It shall be the duty of the Chief to direct special attention to the fire plugs of the Borough, to guard against freezing of the same, and to report to Council any necessary repairs. Should any repairs be very urgent between meetings of Council, the Chief, with the committee on fire and water, jointly, shall hereby be empowered to have such repairs made and report the same to Council.
In case of fire in the absence of the Chief, his duties shall devolve upon and be performed by the Assistant Chief arriving upon the grounds, and he shall be vested with all the power and authority now vested in the Chief during the continuance of the fire, unless the Chief should, during the continuance of the fire, make his appearance, when he shall immediately enter upon and perform his duties.
Any officer, member or members, who shall willfully neglect or refuse to perform his duties or shall be guilty of disobedience to his or their superior officers. The Chief shall be vested with the power to discharge or dismiss any member for such offense from the service and until the Fire Department meets, action shall then be taken.
No liability shall be incurred by the passage of this article for the payment of any of the officers or members of any fire company or for any services connected therewith.
The drinking or keeping for drink of any intoxicating liquors, at any engine house or other place in the Borough where any of the fire apparatus is kept, is hereby expressly forbidden and a violation of this section, and shall be sufficient cause for the Borough Council to revoke the privileges hereby granted to such company.
[Adopted 2-9-1982 by Ord. No. 366; amended in its entirety 4-23-1996 by Ord. No. 509 (Ch. 1, Part 9B of the 1996 Code)]
The office of Fire Police is hereby created within the Borough to be staffed by appointment by Borough Council yearly, for a one-year term of office beginning the first day of January of each and every year.
On or before October 15 of each and every year, the officers representing the Coopersburg Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 shall present to the Mayor of the Borough a list of nominees to be considered for appointment as Fire Police for the next succeeding year. Within 20 days from the date of the receipt of such list of nominees, the Mayor shall review the same and transmit to Borough Council the said list with his own confirmation or denial of qualification noted thereon.
On or before the completion of the final session of Borough Council for the then current fiscal year, the Borough Council shall act upon the Mayor's confirmation or denial of qualification of proposed nominees for Fire Police for the succeeding fiscal year. Failure of the Council to act upon the Mayor's recommendation shall be considered the equivalent of approval.
Fire Police shall be sworn into office by the Mayor at the first meeting of Borough Council in each fiscal year.
Fire Police, upon confirmation by Council and acceptance of the oath of office, shall (1) be provided with a badge of office; and (2) be instructed immediately in the duties and limitation of duties of office, which are:
Fire Police shall be under the direction and supervision of the Chief of Police. They shall have full power and authority to regulate traffic and keep crowds under control at or in the vicinity of any fire on which their companies are in attendance.
Fire Police shall have full power and authority to act as police officers in order to facilitate and prevent interference with the work of firemen in extinguishing fires.
In the absence of the Chief of Police or a police officer, Fire Police shall be under the direction of the Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief if present on duty.
Fire Police shall have authority to act only when called upon by officials of the Borough of Coopersburg.
Fire Police, under the direction of the Chief of Police, shall have the same power and authority to act in all other emergencies, parades, functions or events sponsored or officially sanctioned by the Borough to which they have been specially mustered for control purposes.
Fire Police shall have such further duties, responsibilities, rights and obligations as may be further set forth by the Act of July 11, 1980, Act No. 122, or its amendments, from time to time, and the resolutions and ordinances of the Borough from time to time appertaining.