Delaware County, PA
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Approved 5-20-1975 by the voters of Delaware County at referendum; effective 1-5-1976. Amendments noted where applicable.]
We the citizens of Delaware Country, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do hereby accept the grant of power of self government offered under the Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law of 1972[1] and do ordain and establish thereunder this Home Rule Charter. To the maximum extent consistent with the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the legal rights and powers of cities, townships, boroughs, and school districts, we do confer by this Charter, upon the government of the County of Delaware the following powers, subject to the following restrictions, and prescribe for it the following governmental structure, offices and general procedures.
Editor's Note: See now Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law, 53 Pa.C.S.A. § 2901 et seq.
Article I Applicability and Legal Status

Section 101 Legal applicability.

Section 102 Status.

Section 103 Boundaries.

Section 104 County seat.

Article II Powers of the County

Section 201 General grant of power.

Section 202 Preservation of powers of local governments.

Section 203 Vesting of powers.

Section 204 Services and functions.

Article III Elected Charter Officials

Section 301 Elected offices.

Section 302 Qualifications for elected offices.

Section 303 Compensation.

Section 304 Vacancies.

Section 305 Forfeiture of office.

Section 306 Oath of office.

Article IV County Council

Section 401 Composition.

Section 402 Elections of Council.

Section 403 Organization of Council.

Section 404 Quorum.

Section 405 Meetings.

Section 406 Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Section 407 Council staff.

Section 408 Powers and duties.

Section 409 Actions of Council.

Section 410 Introduction of bills.

Section 411 Adoption of ordinances.

Section 412 Appointments of Council.

Section 413 County Clerk.

Section 414 Coroner.

Section 415 Recorder of Deeds.

Section 416 Jury Commissioners.

Section 417 Commissions and authorities.

Section 418 Treasurer.

Section 419 Board of Personnel Grievance and Performance Review.

Section 420 Board of Tax Assessment Appeals.

Section 421 Board of Elections.

Section 422 Legal staff.

Section 423 Board of Institution Management.

Section 424 Public Defender.

Section 425 Office of Judicial Support.

Section 426 Court House Police.

Section 427 Executive Director.

Section 428 Departments managed by Executive Director.

Article V District Attorney

Section 501 Election; powers and duties.

Section 502 Vacancies.

Section 503 Appointments.

Section 504 Qualifications of detectives.

Section 505 Compensation.

Article VI Controller

Section 601 Powers and duties.

Section 602 Accounts subject to audit.

Section 603 Special post-audits.

Section 604 Accounting.

Section 605 Annual report.

Section 606 Other duties.

Section 607 Appointments.

Article VII Sheriff

Section 701 Powers and duties.

Section 702 Appointments.

Section 703 Qualifications of deputies.

Section 704 Administrative Code.

Article VIII Register of Wills

Section 801 Powers and duties.

Section 802 Appointments.

Section 803 Administrative Code.

Article IX Financial Management

Section 901 Fiscal year.

Section 902 Budget preparation.

Section 903 Public record.

Section 904 Budget review.

Section 905 Budget hearing.

Section 906 Adoption of budget.

Section 907 Balanced budget.

Section 908 Budget modification.

Section 909 Independent audit.

Section 910 Capital borrowing.

Article X Special Provisions

Section 1001 Official bonds.

Section 1002 Action of Council.

Section 1003 Rights and liabilities of County.

Section 1004 Continuation.

Section 1005 Pending matters.

Section 1006 Private use of public employees or property.

Section 1007 Subpoena power.

Section 1008 References to County Commissioners.

Section 1009 Severability.

Section 1010 Amendments.

Section 1011 Definitions.

Section 1012 Planning and zoning.

Section 1013 Debt.

Section 1014 Exempted service.

Section 1015 Safeguard clause.

Section 1016 Local municipal services.

Section 1017 Code of Ethics.

Article XI Referendum

Section 1101 Power of referendum.

Section 1102 Form of Council referenda.

Section 1103 Adoption of approved referenda.

Article XII Transition Provisions

Section 1201 Nature of article.

Section 1202 Effective date.

Section 1203 Terms of elective officers not affected by Home Rule Charter.

Section 1204 First salaries of elected officers.

Section 1205 Delaware County Institution District dissolved.

Section 1206 Abolishment of Salary Board.

Section 1207 Schedule of elections for County officials.

Section 1208 Offices continued.

Section 1209 Continuity.

Section 1210 Chief Clerk's action.

Section 1211 Employees' status and salaries.

Section 1212 Temporary ordinances.

Section 1213 Sequence of transitional changes.

Section 1214 Termination of article.