Borough of Quarryville, PA
Lancaster County
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[Adopted 12-20-2004 by Ord. No. 356]
Borough Council shall establish the salary for the position of Borough Treasurer.
The Borough Treasurer shall possess and exercise the following powers and have the following duties:
The Borough Treasurer shall be responsible for meeting the requirements of the appointed public officer position of Borough Treasurer as set forth in Section 1106 of the Borough Code, 8 Pa.C.S.A. § 1106, including:
Keeping a just account of all receipts and disbursements, and annually submitting his/her account to the Borough auditors or controller, paying over all moneys remaining in his/her hands and delivering all books, papers, accounts and other things belonging to the Borough to his/her successor.
Receiving all monies accepted by any Borough officer, or other person, for the use of the Borough and depositing the same in a bank or banking institution in the name of the Borough.
Paying out all Borough expenses and expenditures from the Borough's treasury.
The Borough Treasurer shall also be responsible for the following:
The accounting of all receipts and disbursements; annually working with committees of Borough Council and Council itself to prepare the Borough's annual budget.
Annually submitting all records to auditors.
Reconciling bank statements; preparing quarterly financial reports to Borough Council throughout the year and/or as required by Council;
Preparing payroll for all employees, completing unemployment, Social Security W-2 and W-4 forms, 1099 forms any other tax preparation required;
Preparing the quarterly water and sewer invoices; working with department heads on budget items as necessary;
Completing all federal, state and county forms when due throughout the year;
Receiving and disbursing funds due to or from the Sewer Authority as required by the trust indenture and as ordered by the Sewer Authority Chairman;
Preparing annual budget reports to the Authority and submitting all records annually to the approved accounting firm of the Borough;
Assisting the Sewer Authority in any other financial capacity as required.
Performing any other duties as directed by Borough Council.
When properly appointed and directed to do so by Borough Council through ordinance, the individual appointed to serve as Borough Treasurer may simultaneously serve as and perform the duties of the office of Borough Secretary.