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Town of Hadley, MA
Hampshire County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Hadley 5-7-1992 ATM by Art. 29. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Under authority of the Home Rule Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution, there is hereby established a Police Department (hereinafter called "Department") under the jurisdiction of the Select Board.
It shall be the function of the Department to provide the police services for the Town of Hadley.
The Department shall consist of a Chief of Police and full-time and part-time police officers and civilian employees as the Select Board shall from time to time authorize subject to funding by the Town. The ranks of the Department shall be Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeant and officer. A full-time officer shall always be senior in rank to a part-time officer.
The Department shall be headed by the Chief of Police who shall be appointed by the Select Board for a term of three years. The Select Board shall be the appointing and removal authority for all personnel of the Department. The Chief of Police shall be the chief law enforcement officer of the Town and the commanding officer of all police officers and constables of the Town.
It shall be the duty and responsibility of the Chief of Police to:
Perform all duties prescribed by MGL c. 41, § 98 and the rules and regulations of the Department.
Enforce all laws, bylaws, and rules and regulations affecting the public, investigate all crimes committed within the Town of Hadley, and maintain public order and safety.
Receive and answer complaints of violations of law, bylaws, and rules and regulations affecting the public.
Have charge of, supervise, and assign all police officers of the Department.
Train all police officers.
Maintain discipline and ethical conduct within the Department.
Have control of and direction of all civilian employees in the Department.
Maintain all equipment and buildings of the Department.
Have absolute control over all weapons of the Department and their issue to police officers.
Ensure all arrestees of the Department are properly detained and held by the Department.
Maintain adequate books and records of the Department and in sufficient detail to permit analysis and report.
Keep the Select Board advised on the affairs of the Department.
Administer the budget of the Department.
Administer the Department.
Perform such other duties as may be prescribed under law.
The Chief of Police shall cause to be kept at police headquarters a complete descriptive list of each and every person arrested. Such list shall give the arrested person's name, nativity, age, height, complexion, weight, color of hair and eyes, the amount of money he may have in his possession, his present residence, the offense for which he is arrested and any other information that the Chief of Police may deem appropriate. All of the above shall be entered and indexed in a book to be furnished by the Town. Said book shall be delivered by each Chief of Police to his successor in office.
Police officers of the Department shall perform their duties prescribed by the General Laws and Town bylaws, rules and regulations, and Department orders, under the direction and command of the Chief of Police, and shall aid and assist the Chief of Police in the performance of his duties prescribed by this chapter. In the administration and operation of the Department, the Chief of Police shall be responsible to the Select Board.
It shall be the duty of the Department to aid the Fire Department by giving alarms in case of fire and clearing the streets and grounds in the immediate vicinity of the fire so that the members of the Fire Department shall not be hindered in the performance of their duties.
The officers of the Department shall have authority to rope off the streets and grounds in the vicinity of a fire or any other catastrophe or emergency and to prevent all persons, except members of the Fire Department and other emergency personnel, from passing inside the lines.
The Chief of Police is authorized to extend such aid as he may deem necessary to another city or town at the request of the city or town in suppression of riots and other forms of violence therein; provided, however, the Chief shall notify the Select Board of such assistance.
The Select Board may appoint special police officers for a term of a calendar year and they may remove the same at any time. Said police officers shall have and exercise police powers only for the area designated by the Select Board and shall be subject to such conditions as the Chief of Police shall establish. No special police officer shall carry a weapon while on duty unless he has received special permission to do so by the Chief of Police.[1]
Editor's Note: Original Sec. 11A, Application fee of special police officer, which immediately followed this section, was deleted 11-18-2010 STM by Art. 3.
The time and manner of excusing police officers of the Department from duty shall be determined by the Chief of Police. A member so excused shall be exempt from duty and from attendance at a police station or other place but otherwise shall be subject to all laws and rules and regulations relating to police officers.
The Chief of Police shall have authority, whenever, in his sole judgment, any public emergency or any unusual demand for the services of the police requires, to prevent any members of the Department from taking time off when the member is entitled thereto at the time assigned therefor, or to recall such police officers back to duty for such duration and to such extent as the Chief of Police deems necessary.
The Chief of Police shall determine and authorize the type, style and color of uniforms of the Police Department and the color schemes, insignia, lighting attachments and identification of all motor vehicles of the Police Department, and except as otherwise provided by law no person shall wear a similar uniform or drive a similar motor vehicle that gives the impression of an official Hadley police uniform or motor vehicle.
The Chief of Police shall promulgate, with the approval of the Select Board, rules and regulations as he may deem necessary for the Department and its personnel.