Township of Lehigh, PA
Northampton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
An approved emergency access lock box shall be installed on the outside of all new buildings in the Township. However, a lock box is not required to be installed on single-family and two-family dwellings, multifamily dwellings which have no enclosed common areas (i.e., no lock box is required for a multifamily dwelling which consists entirely of individual dwellings), agriculture buildings, or on accessory buildings related to those dwellings or buildings.
If a building would be required by § 93-1 to have an approved emergency access lock box but for the fact that the building is not new, and if the building is thereafter expanded or otherwise renovated or repaired in a way which requires a building permit from the Township, the building shall at that time be equipped with an approved emergency access lock box.
Any new or existing building or facility containing a quantity of hazardous materials which would require compliance with Title III (Superfund amendments and Reauthorization Act) shall be required to install an approved emergency access lock box.
Any facility or building having a secured, locked, or automatic security gate or access control device shall be required to install an approved opening device. This approved opening device shall be able to be controlled by the same key used by the Fire Company to access the Township-wide emergency access lock boxes.
Any buildings which meet the requirement of § 93-1 and have any external Fire Department water connection shall install an approved locking cap on the connections. The purpose of these locking caps is to prevent tampering and vandalism with the Fire Department water connections.
An approved emergency access lock box is highly recommended for all existing buildings in the Township which are equipped with an automatic fire-suppression system, an automatic fire-detection system, or a medical emergency alarm system.
An approved emergency access lock box is recommended for all buildings and structures in the Township that will require access with a key during a fire or medical emergency or any other emergency situation.