Town of New Milford, CT
Litchfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Buildings and building regulations, Ch. 5
Garbage, trash and refuse, Ch. 7
[Ord. of 4-8-1985, § 1]
No person shall demolish any building, structure or part thereof within the Town of New Milford without first applying for and obtaining a permit for such demolition from the town's Building Inspector.
[Ord. of 4-8-1985, § 2]
Upon receipt of an application for a demolition permit, the Building Inspector shall give written notice of the pendency of such application by first class mail, postage prepaid, to the Gaylordsville Historical Society and to the New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation. The Building Inspector shall also give written notice in the same manner to such other persons or organizations which file a written request with the Building Inspector on a form prescribed by him of their desire to be notified of the pendency of demolition permit applications. All such written requests to be notified of demolition permit applications shall be effective for a period of three years, at which time such requests may be extended for additional three-year periods by renewal in writing by the person or organization concerned.
[Ord. of 4-8-1985, § 3]
No demolition permit shall be issued by the Building Inspector until at least 21 days have elapsed from the mailing of all written notices required to be given by the provisions of § 5A-2 hereof. If, during such twenty-one-day period, the Building Inspector receives written objection to the issuance of a demolition permit by one to whom notice of the pendency of the permit has been given, the Building Inspector shall not issue a demolition permit until at least 60 additional days have elapsed from the termination of said twenty-one-day period. To be effective, such written objection shall be filed by or shall be supported and endorsed by the Gaylordsville Historical Society or the New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation and shall state that the subject building has historical merit and that good faith efforts will be taken to preserve the building. The party objecting to the issuance of a demolition permit shall mail or deliver a copy of its written objection to the applicant for demolition permit and to the owner of the property for which the demolition permit is sought.
[Ord. of 4-8-1985, § 4]
Nothing contained in this chapter shall be deemed to prohibit the Building Inspector from issuing demolition permits where a threat to the public health, safety and welfare exists or where a demolition order has been issued by the Building Inspector or the Director of Health.