Town of New Milford, CT
Litchfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. of 2-11-1993, § 1]
This chapter is enacted pursuant to the provisions of Sections 7-147p through 7-147y, inclusive, of the Connecticut General Statutes, as the same may be amended from time to time.
[Ord. of 2-11-1993, § 2]
In order to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the Town of New Milford, the purpose of this chapter shall be the preservation and protection of buildings, archaeological sites, landscapes and places of historic and cultural significance and their settings in New Milford, Connecticut, recognizing such as landmarks in the history of the town, state or nation.
[Ord. of 2-11-1993, § 3]
The New Milford Town Hall and its frontage are hereby established as an historic property. The boundaries of this property are fixed and defined as follows:
All that certain real property situated in the Town of New Milford, County of Litchfield, Connecticut described as follows:
A certain piece of land containing 0.436 acres within a 1.44 acre tract, of which record title lies in the name of the Town of New Milford; the said property being more particularly described as follows:
Beginning at an existing iron pin at the southwest corner of said property;
Then N 3.17.58 W; 80.00 feet along west property line;
Thence N 76.23.25 E; 113.41 feet along northern boundary;
Thence S 83.03.04 E; 95.60 feet to northeast corner of said property;
Thence S 5.29.00 W; 106.00 feet to southeast corner of said property;
Thence N 83.03.04 W; 95.60 feet along southern boundary;
Thence N 89.19.01 W; 81.70 feet along southern boundary to point of commencement.
[Ord. of 2-11-1993, § 4]
The Town of New Milford hereby establishes an Historic Properties Commission which shall hereafter perform all the functions of the Historic Properties Study Committee to promote the purposes as set forth in this chapter as shall be prescribed under the Connecticut General Statutes from time to time. The Historic Properties Study Committee is hereby terminated.
The Commission shall have such powers, shall perform such functions and shall be subject to such limitations as shall from time to time be prescribed by the applicable Connecticut General Statutes, provided that no building, structure, object or site may be designated as an historic property pursuant to this chapter unless the person or persons holding greater than 50% of the record ownership interest in the proposed historic property assent to the designation in a notarized statement delivered to the Commission prior to the Commission's expenditure of funds in the preparation of its report on the proposed designation of the property, pursuant to Section 7-147q(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes. The person or persons submitting such notarized statements shall certify therein that they own greater than 50% of the record ownership interest in the property and assent to its designation as an historic property.
The Commission shall adopt rules of procedure and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of said statutes. Subject to appropriation, the Commission may employ clerical and technical assistants or consultants, recommend to the Town Council the acceptance of money gifts and expend the same for such purposes.
[Ord. of 2-11-1993 § 5]
Said Commission shall consist of five regular members and three alternate members, who shall be electors of the Town of New Milford holding no salaried municipal office in the town, to be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Town Council, for terms of four years in accordance with Chapter VII of the Town Charter.
[Ord. of 04-22-2019]
Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of the Town Charter.
Within 30 days after the appointment of the original members of the Historic Properties Commission and annually thereafter, the regular members of the Commission shall meet and elect annually a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and a Clerk from its own number. Alternate members shall not participate in the vote for election of Commission officers.
If a member of the Commission is absent or has a conflict of interest, the Chairman of the Commission shall designate an alternate to act, choosing alternates in rotation so that they shall act as nearly equal a number of times as possible. If any alternate is not available in accordance with such rotation, such fact shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.