Town of New Milford, CT
Litchfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. of 5-13-2002; Ord. of 12-8-2006; Ord. of 9-11-2017]
Zoning permit fees.
The fee for zoning permits shall be based on the estimated cost of construction as determined by the Zoning Department in accordance with the following schedule:
Declared Cost
and up
$750 plus $100 for each
$100,000 or portion thereof over $1,000,000
If the proposed construction includes earth disturbance and the foundation or slab exceeds 500 square feet, an additional fee of $150 will apply.
Any structure, building, and/or use requiring a zoning permit that was constructed and/or established without or prior to the issuance of a zoning permit will be subject to an additional fee of $100.
Application for site plan approval and site plan modification approvals under Chapter 175 of the Zoning Regulations. [This fee shall be in addition to the fee charged under Subsection (a).]
Up to $100,000 cost of construction: $100;
Plus $100 per each additional $100,000 or portion thereof cost of construction.
Application for special permit under Chapter 180 of the Zoning Regulations: $300.
Application to amend Zoning Regulations: $300.
Application to amend Zoning Map: $500.
Application for approval of home occupation: $60.
Application for sign permit: $20 per sign, plus $5 per square foot.
Application for excavation permit: $250.
Application for three-year commercial excavation permit: $1,000.
Excavation permit: $25 per 100 cubic yards; maximum of $10,000.
Change of use: $60.
State fee: $60 (or so much as the state may from time to time establish).
The cost of a copy of the Zoning Regulations shall be $30 and the Zoning Map $20.
Zoning compliance letters $100 for single family residential uses and $200 for multifamily and nonresidential uses.
The fees set forth above are the minimum fees required and are not refundable or transferable. The New Milford Zoning Commission reserves the right to hire, at the applicant's expense, outside consultants, of the Commission's choice in its sole discretion, including but not limited to attorneys and engineers, to assist in the review of any application submitted to the Zoning Commission or the Zoning Enforcement Officer. If the Commission or its staff believes the cost of processing or reviewing an application will exceed those fees set forth above, the Commission may require additional fees be paid at the time of application. When the actual cost of processing and reviewing an application exceeds the actual fees paid, the New Milford Zoning Commission shall bill the applicant for the actual excess amount. If all fees required herein are not paid, the Commission shall consider the application incomplete and deny it. If the Commission approves an application with fees still owing, no zoning permits or certificates of zoning compliance shall be issued until such time as all outstanding fees are paid to the Commission.
[Ord. of 5-13-2002; Ord. of 3-3-2005]
Application fees, due and payable with filing of application:
Residential property: $100.
Commercial property: $150.
Motor vehicle establishment: $150.
Appeal from order of ZEO: $100.
State fees: $10 (or so much as the state may from time to time establish).
Filing fee for filing approval of variance, etc. in the land records: $13 (to be returned if variance denied).
[Ord. of 5-13-2002]
Planning Commission fees shall continue to be established by the Commission, as per a schedule of fees, as authorized by Section 8-26 of the Connecticut General Statutes.
[Ord. of 5-13-2002]
Inland Wetland Commission fees shall continue to be established by the Commission as authorized by Section 22a-42a(e) of the Connecticut General Statutes.