Township of Kingston, PA
Luzerne County
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[Ord. 1995-9, 1/10/1996, § I]
This Part shall be known as the "Kingston Township On-Lot Sewage Disposal System Permit Ordinance."
This Part is adopted pursuant to § 7(a)(1) of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act, as amended, 35 P.S. § 740.7(a)(1).
The purpose of this Part is to provide for the permitting of all on-lot sewage disposal systems within the Township in accordance with the standards and regulations of 25 Pa. Code, Chapters 72 and 73, including those systems otherwise eligible for an exemption from the permitting requirements of the Act, as authorized by § 7(a)(1) of the Act.
[Ord. 1995-9, 1/10/1996, § II]
From and after the effective date of this Part, all persons proposing to install an on-lot sewage disposal system on any lot within the Township, including those persons proposing to install such a system on a lot 10 acres of larger and who are otherwise qualified for a permit exemption in accordance with the provisions of § 7(a)(1) of the Act, shall apply to the Township for a permit for the installation of such system.
No person shall install or commence construction of any on-lot sewage disposal system for which a permit is required until such permit has been issued by a Sewage Enforcement Officer employed or contracted to, or agent of, the Township.
[Ord. 1995-9, 1/10/1996, § III]
Any person violating any of the provisions of this Part shall be subject to the civil and criminal penalties authorized pursuant to §§ 13 and 13.1 of the Act, as amended. (Note: the penalties are not specified here because of the delayed effective date of the penalty provisions of the 1994 amendments to the Act. Those provisions become effective December 15, 1995. Thus, the incorporation by reference.)
In addition to the penalties for noncompliance set forth in subsection (1) above, it is further provided that all of the civil and equitable remedies set forth in §§ 12, 14 and 15 of the Act, 35 P.S. §§ 750.12, 740.14 and 750.15, as amended, shall be applicable to violations of this Part.